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We Started Weaning Vol. 3 | Raising Evelyn

I never thought in a million years when I first wrote ‘We Started Weaning Vol.1‘ there would be a vol.2 or a vol.3, but life has a funny way of showing you who’s boss and how to test your patience, so here we are… Volume 3.

Evelyn is Nearly 13 Months. Is she weaned yet… no she is not.

In Vol.2 we were really struggling with Evelyn. She is a contrary little madam and her food intake is minimal still.

We Started Weaning Vol. 3 Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

I had flagged this up with Health Visitors at 7 months, 8 months and then made a major point of it at her 9-12 month review. In our area the reviews are done as close to 9 months as possible which is utterly ridiculous. To compare a 9 month old and a 12 month old in terms of statistics is just outrageous. Evelyn can do so many more things now then she could then.

Anyway that all aside, we saw a specialist which diagnosed her with a Level 4 Posterior Tongue Tie. We were told to give her Purees only until the operation. So we waited and waited and waited. We looked into going private to shorten the very lengthy wait times but £2000 is a lot of money for a 10 min operation essentially.

Whilst in the whole process, Evelyn has been told she has to have an op for Gromits, when she is two, and her adenoids out also which will help her ability to eat food too.

Last Friday we saw a consultant who has said there is no operation for a level 4 posterior tongue tie, however, removal of adenoids would also help her mouth so they will be removed before the summer. He also is going to release her tongue bunching and send a camera down to check her esophagus.

So there we are.

Evelyn can eat certain things like mashed up Pasta in sauce and she will suck things until they soggily slide down her throat such as toast but most other things are a real struggle for her.

A typical day for Evelyn when it comes to food looks something like this;

Wake up 6-7am
Breakfast 7-8am – Probably a yogurt then a square or two of toast that only gets sucked
Milk-4oz-9am down for a nap
10.30/11 am-Snack-usually rice cakes and raisins or melty puffs or fruit
11:30/12:00 pm 5oz Milk
12:30pm Lunch time. It’ll either be half a large jar of food or pasta in a veg sauce with tuna or something like that
2:00pm snack- this could be a yogurt or the remainder of the mornings snack or fruit or veg sticks
3:30pm 4-5oz milk
4:30-5:30pm Dinner- depending on her mood this will either be 1/2 jar of food or a mini version of our dinner semi blended.
6:30-7pm bedtime with milk 5oz

She also wakes up every few hours for milk at night still too.

This is a typical day but every day can vary depending on her mood and tiredness.

Quite often we will offer jarred food for a meal after offering finger foods so she keeps the textures. Apparently babies can get an aversion to textures if they are not continually offered so we need to keep trying at least. By offering the puree after we can guarantee she is getting a decent amount inside her… if she eats it ha ha.

I’ve had a lot of criticism saying im giving her too much milk in the day but she is not getting enough nutrition from foods to cut it back so on doctors orders it stays like this. Her weight is still very low so cutting night feeds isn’t an option either unfortunately. Quite often if for whatever reason she has less milk in the day, because she has eaten more foods, she will wake more in the night for milk. It’s such a catch 22 at her age.
Because of her tongue tie she really really struggles with lumpy foods but also mashed foods. Foods of a mash potato consistency are really hard for her to eat. We do blend as much as we can but it can be really hard for her to swallow and then she will get stressed and frustrated and refuse the whole dinner.

As she is getting older her mouth is getting bigger and, in turn, the gagging and spitting of food is getting less but she is still not where she ‘should be’.

So if anyone has any dinner ideas they think would suit please feel free to comment and recommend.

See you in volume 4!

We Started Weaning Vol. 3 Raising Evelyn a bloggers beauty

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