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Staying Organised | A Busy Mums Guide

I feel like I am on the go dawn until dusk every single day. I literally have my diary with every single place I go.

If it’s not in the diary, it ain’t happenin’.

I obviously use a smart phone but I cannot get on with using the calendar on my phone. I think when it’s in black and white and you can strike it off you have a sense of achievement- maybe that’s why? I don’t know. Either way I know that I have to use a diary every single year. I’ve been the same for about 8 years now, although, I never used to be this significantly busy.
Don’t get me wrong though I hate that being busy has some how been glorified in the past year or so but there is absolutely no way mine is glorifyable. If that’s even a word?

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Since having a baby my brain turned to mush and I need a diary more than ever. I know if I organise something with a friend or pencil in a meeting mentally it will never happen or it gets forgotten about instantly. I have to write it down as soon as I can.

I have a couple of ways to keep super organised including my diary so I thought I would share along with some top tips;

Obviously my first tip is buy a Dairy. I love Busy B Diaries. I personally use the Family Diary but also (in the past) have purchased the Busy Life Diary too. I love the way that you have month views and so much room to write not only your tasks or appointments but potentially your family too. I have a column for Evelyn, a column for Thomas, a column for the blog and a column for dinners for the week. ( I will come on to dinners- bare with). The Diary also offers To- Do List section plus a Year planner which is super helpful when planning travel or meetings for later in the year. It also has a couple of the page insert bits where you can store important letters or pieces of paper which is soooo handy. Especially for Evelyn’s Hospital appointments. Lastly, at the back, the Diary has tear out ‘Don’t Forget’ sheets which are always on the fridge or noticeboard to remind me to do stuff at the weekend too.

So Column for dinners- kind of a tip I guess. Every week I write out a food shopping list. I HATE food shopping so I like to get in and get out as quick as I can. Also I often have a lot to do in the evenings and it doesn’t help when you stand in front of the open fridge door for 20 minutes wondering what to have for dinner. By writing out what we are having to eat on each night I can start dinner instantly or Phil can crack on whilst I sort Evelyn. It works perfectly for us.

To help with family events and planning we also have a month calendar on the fridge. Weekends are stacked this year and Phil quite often says, in passing to a mate, ‘yeh of course we will come’ and then when checking the calendar there’s 5 other things to do that day. By having it on the fridge everyone knows what we have coming up and what needs sorting before what dates.

If I have a particularly busy day I write a list. There’s been times I’ve had to get Evelyn up changed, bag packed, myself up, showered, dressed, makeup’d, shopping list written, washing in the machine, hoovered and 20 miles down the road in an hour.
So I break it down. A list for everything I need to do before we go, a list for everything that needs packing and a list for everything I should do or need to down when back because I don’t bloody have time to do it now. This is why when people say that don’t have time to do the washing or housework I call bullshit! We are all guilty of saying we don’t have time to do stuff, when in fact, we just don’t want to do it or can’t be bothered- and they are both ok, just don’t kid yourself!

With kids I always get clothes and bags packed the night before. They can spend forever wondering what to wear for the day even if it school uniform so to have it all laid out ready makes for such an easier morning. When I go up to get night clothes I grab Evelyn’s outfit too and a spare set because things always get spilt etc and when she is at nursery or with a friend who is looking after her I always pack a spare set because you know… you never know. So doing that the night before always helps.
Always remember to check the weather when getting out clothes too. Just because its 20c today doesn’t mean it’s going to be that tomorrow. It could be snowing. This is England!

So basically it means writing a whole load of stuff down it would seem ha ha. But no seriously all these things really really help. This are just a few tips to help make things a little easier in life.

Staying Organised A Busy Mums Guide a bloggers beauty

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  1. 05/04/2019 / 8:19 pm

    I’m the same with regards to using my phone as a diary/ planner. I have to have paper ones to actually use them! There’s something about actually writing it down. it just clicks more. I need to-do lists too and that’s without baby brain! x


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