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Finally picking up the Books again! | ABBBC

It has been a hell of a long time since I tackled a book. Nearly a year to be exact. I have missed it so incredibly much.

The past 12 months have gone by in a blur and the time to pick up a book has not been there, I thought.

In the mornings I get up with Evelyn no later than 6:30 and we get changed and ready for the day and breakfast is in front of her by 7. Whilst she eats I usually check emails and respond to clients and see the mornings updates on social media.

And let me stop you right there….

That’s when it hit me.

Finally picking up the Books again! | ABBBC

Like the last puzzle piece going into a 1000 piece puzzle!

Get off your good damn phone Elle!

Don’t get me wrong it is not glued to my hand 24/7 but I don’t want Evelyn growing up thinking that that’s ok.

So for the past two weeks every morning, whilst Evelyn eats and plays a little, I read a book. I still get to keep an eye on her and quite often she sits on my lap whilst I read it to her. She doesn’t get neglected and often she see’s me and goes and gets here books…. that’s what I want to see. I don’t want to be a mum who has a phone in their hand, child on lap whilst the child watches you pointlessly scroll through pointless media, social or not. It is not a way of life for them.

When I was younger, my mum always, and still does, have a book in her hand all the time, T.V. was for the weekend and phones and tablets where not even heard of in our household until many moons later. I remember a child hood of imaginative play and adventures and that’s what I want for her. So many children get bored easily, have the attention span of a dead gnat and long for a screen all the bloody time. This leads to children growing up with a lack of imagination and poor social, reading and writing skills.

Now I am not a saint, I will be the first one to put my hand up to that but I will be damned if my child(ren) grows up knowing what Google is under the age of 5!

Call me old fashioned, tell me I am restricting my child… I do not care! Giving a child a good start in life, in this respect, comes from the way they are parented, in my opinion. Growing up with a book before bed and knowing nursery rhymes off by heart is what I want most for them and so setting that example and acknowledging where I may have been going wrong slightly is helping me to understand where I can make those changes.

So for the past week, that I have been doing this, I have finally managed to nearly finish a book that I have been trying to read on and off for bloody months.

New Book review coming soon!!!!!

Finally picking up the Books again! | ABBBC

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