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Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat

I’ve been reasonably quiet on social media the past few weeks. I’ve had a hectic schedule at home but with so much also going on in the social media blogging world I just have no desire to be part of it.

People are moaning and whining about other bloggers and companies and what they may and may not be doing, filters are getting pushed to the max and engagement is at an all time low thanks to algorithms and people wanting something for nothing.

A lot of people are hiding behind a false pretense and draining the advantages they are receiving causing a very large rift in the industry. It is dividing opinion and causing a lot of hurt and upset. Whether what is being said is right or wrong- I am keeping out of. There are still a good few of us, still out there, still wanting to just to continue to write. Not for the money, for the followers or for the engagement but simply because they enjoy writing it.

Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat a bloggers beauty

I have recently been turning down a lot of paid work for quite a few reasons. It may be that I just don’t want to, or I know I am not going to like the product or I disagree with the current promoters and do not want to put in that same category. I feel that sometimes when you are gifted and item or you do paid work for a company along with other writers or influencer’s you unknowingly get categorized into who has or who is currently advertising it.

For example, I’m picking this name out of the blue, If Zoella did some work with a brand and advertised certain items there then becomes a stigma attached in a certain way. You are now promoting a brand that a certain person promoted and  that’s your category you now fall into. I’m hoping that makes sense. It is the same all over the industry. People strive to work with certain big brands because certain big names are promoting them. Why should those be our aspirations?

There is a semi-famous song by Bowling For Soup called High School Never Ends (I’ve added the link for you) and the lyrics are so bloody true. You think, leaving school means leaving all the drama behind…. nope nope nope. I am not a huge fan of the group but this song so spot on. ‘The whole damned world is just as obsessed, With who’s the best dressed and who’s having sex, Who’s got the money, who gets the honeys, Who’s kinda cute and who’s just a mess’.

(I never thought I’d do a blog post where I would quote song lyrics ha ha).

Engagement is at an all time low. People are explaining it is algorithms but my technical knowledge is not that advanced to comment on that specifically. However, that aside I have noticed the decreasing number of people making genuine conversation. It seems people are more commenting in the hope to be slightly noticed and in turn increase their own exposure and engagement. It is completely draining and something I turned my back on a long time ago.

I have been commenting on pictures that I have a question on or I want to encourage or I want to actually say meaningful words. I understand people want to support each other and I also totally support that but when it is just a comment for the sake of a comment such as an emoji it leaves me feeling a lot bit meh. It is not social at all.
Unknowingly through social media, we are told what to wear and what to like. We now choose clothes not based on the fact if they look good on us or if they are nice but by who has been seen wearing them. Bicycle shorts made famous by Kimmy K should (in my opinion) stay on bikes. Wearing them to a club…. nuh huh!!!

The sad side of this is that social media has changed our perception of beauty and our ability to decide for ourselves. I actually did a dissertation regarding this subject 10 years ago. It really is an interest of mine as no one ever really notices it, yet, it is a huge part of our lives. Through hashtags like #IWokeUpLikeThis and #nomakeup, it’s easy for women to see a selfie and internalize the belief that the person behind the selfie really did wake up like that. Chances are, they probably didn’t. Women have it drummed into them, this is what skinny is, this is what curvy is, this is what you should look like… we have lost the ability to think for ourselves.

You know, I must pick up my phone 20 times a day to scroll through social media, whether it be whilst waiting for a tube or a response to a text or the kettle to boil… but recently I just have no desire to be part of it any more.

Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat a bloggers beauty

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