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Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review

When I was asked to review an massager for my back side I literally laughed my arse off, pun totally intended, but seriously though, an arse massager? I thought, what on earth is the world coming too.
I proceeded to do a little bit of research into the company and device and was actually wowed at the results they claimed to offer. So, skeptically I agreed and vowed to give my whole hearted honest opinion. So here it is.

This is the Assome! Remove cellulite at home like a professional Starter Kit. This device offers high frequency vibration caused by ultrasound therapy that can remove cellulite deep under the skin, reduce stubborn fat, and achieve a slimming and body-shaping effect.

‘The physical vibrations provide unique cell massage, thereby enhance cellular metabolic function, increase the vitality of cells, promote circulation, and improve the nutrition of skin tissues.’

My question was really? Does it really though or is the exercise you’re meant to do actually help more.

So I put to the test! Zero exercise. And by that I mean no gym or extra work outs just my normal daily stepage and then this thing.

Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review a bloggers beauty

First of all, when something promises what a lot of people crave price is always asked first. So. The device is £169 on its own but you need all the creams etc which are around £10 each. The starter Kit that you see here is just £199.00. That included 3 serums and the Absorption gel.

There are three serums that you can use depending the desired effect. There is Zero Cellulite, Zero Fat and Zero Gravity.

How to use;

Simpy apply the desired serum to your skin. A few drops goes a long way.

Place a dose of Absorption Gel onto the base of the device.

Select the program you wish using your instruction manual as a guide for which is best.

Massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes.

Repeat three times a week for 3 months for best results.

Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review a bloggers beauty

Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review a bloggers beauty

Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review a bloggers beauty

How did I get on?

So initially, I will be honest, I clearly didn’t read the instructions properly and thought a little device like this isn’t going to pack much of a punch so I wacked on all 3 settings to the highest, applied the serums and gel and away I went.

Note to anyone reading this and thinking of buying…. do not do what I did.

All was fine… you think what the hell is it actually doing. And then it starts. For me it was tingerley feeling that turned into a mild burning sensation. Very peculiar and to be honest not very pleasant. It felt like my arse had been kissed by the Dubai sun, yet to touch, it was totally cool…. so weird.

Also, very strange, sitting on my bum helped take away the tingerley feeling too.

So, round 2, 72 hours later we went with the CV setting only! At first I thought, well this isn’t doing anything, but the thought of the aftermath of the past session quickly hit my brain and I thought… no persevere. After the five mins the massage was done and the tingerley feeling started but 1000% less intense and at a much more manageable level. I did this setting for a few more days before I upped it again a little and so on.

This is the way that is actually recommended and one I would beg you to stick to.

It took me a few goes to find exactly the combination that worked for me. That is the Zero Cellulite Serum with the RF and CV settings. The LED light therapy just added too much for me and didn’t feel comfortable. The LED claims to be used for Airbrushing. Not entirely sure how that helps but as I haven’t been using it anyway it wont be missed.
The RF mode is recommended first. It is super important to wait 72 hours (as per the instructions) before using the device again to make sure your skin has enough time to cope with the products and application.

The device itself is really easy to use and the shape offers a great grip and, inadvertently, a wrist workout too. It is easy in the respect that you aren’t going to need someone to do it for you but make sure you read the instructions on how to adjust the settings before you start.
The device is rechargeable via USB but I’ve only had to charge mine three times I think since starting to using it 2 months ago.

The company claim an 8.5% increase in skin elasticity. After doing a little research and speaking to the company this can be used on a ‘mum tum’ too. The increase in skin elasticity is quite impressive and something you really can feel and see. I will be honest I haven’t used it across my belly yet but am going to start very soon and will upload the results asap.
I have noticed a difference in the respect that my skin feels a lot firmer and more hydrated. I am starting to notice a decrease in the cellulite around the tops of my legs but I think with another 6 weeks perseverance it is something that will be totally unnoticeable.

Would I recommend the device. If you’re going to use it religiously then yes. If you are one to do it two or three times and expect results then no. With hard work and consistency the device works and works well.

Shop the Assome! range here.


Assome! Cellulite Massager Starter Kit Review a bloggers beauty

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