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Bored With Routine No More

Couple therapists often claim that routine is the death of love. It’s fair to say that many happily divorced couples didn’t decide to get separated because they were going through a crisis, but instead because they feared their feelings for each faded through the cycle of routine.

Everyday gestures and habits can affect your perceptions of people and relationships, turning everything into a sad patch of dullness. The most significant relationship that routine can corrupt is not the one with your partner, but instead, it is the relationship you build with yourself. Did you know how incredibly easy it is to fall out of love with yourself? Indeed, when you let routine take over, you end up repeating common gestures without putting any thought into any of them. Just as Holmes used to tell Watson, you look, but you don’t see. Until one morning, you finally notice the person looking back at you in the mirror, and it’s not the face you remember. You look tired, a little older, but more importantly, the spark in your eyes has gone. That’s what routine does to self-love. It erases it.

However, routines exist for a reason. They provide the comfort you need to manage your life within a specific set of circumstances. To put it in simple terms, routine saves you a lot of time and troubles along the way. In other words, you can’t throw away your everyday habits; they are what makes your lifestyle manageable. But you can, from time to time, disrupt your patterns with something exciting, new, and engaging that motivates you again.

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Are you bored?   

Change your look for summer

If you’ve been keeping the same hairstyle for a while, it might be time for a change. After all, your hairstyle says a lot about yourself. It’s fair to say that if you feel your classic shoulder-length cut or your straight bob style is making you invisible, there might be some truth in there. Routine is, ultimately, about doing or seeing the same old things day after day. There will inevitably come a moment when you stop paying attention. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your mojo, but it certainly means that you need to book an appointment at your local hair salon. Ask for a stylist to give you a fresh, new image. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a seasonal colour or a fresh cut to change the image in the mirror. Changing look is a good and simple way to disturb the routine safely.  

A brand new look without the price tag

When was the last time you went shopping for something wildly exciting? When was the last time someone complimented you on your outfit? If you don’t remember, it’s a sign that your go-to clothes fail to attract attention. You want a style that showcases your personality, without going over the top. A personal stylist can help you to refresh your wardrobe without making it look like a night at the proms kind of costume. You’ll find excellent service from fashion styling company Lookiero, which offers to select a handful of new items to design a unique style that fits your personality and your lifestyle. You can discuss what you need, or you can leave it to an expert to figure out what you’re trying to express through your look. And tada, you can welcome a new sense of excitement!

Try a new fitness class

Signing up to the gym is almost mandatory nowadays. However, you can find it challenging to keep up with your treadmill and cross-trainer routine. Your motivation is sinking, and the absence of positive results makes it tricky to stay focused. You end up convincing yourself that the gym is dull. In reality, it’s the constant repetition of the same movement that creates a sense of boredom. Your mind needs novelty; you can find it by joining a fitness class. The instructor is likely to come up with new and innovative workouts, which makes going to the gym more exciting. Additionally, changing your exercises helps your body to fight off the plateau effect!

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Fitness classes are fun

Learn a new skill

Knowledge is happiness. It’s not the motto of your local school. Learning new skills can create a sense of fun and excitement. Admittedly, you need to be realistic about the kind of skills you want to learn. You may not want to tackle the whole of woodwork right now, for instance, as long-term courses can feel draining. But you can divide each subject into manageable micromastery element, that you can learn quickly. You can find joy in the process of learning small items out of a complex field. Try focusing on making a perfect cube of wood, for instance. It’s a manageable task that teaches you a lot of woodwork without being too involving.

Book a cheeky dinner in a fancy restaurant

Monday is pasta. Tuesday, jacket potatoes. And Friday is your fish and chip takeaway day. Sticking to a strict meal plan can make your grocery shopping manageable. For most households, keeping a dinner plan eliminates the typical end of day query: “what are we eating tonight?”. But it also takes the pleasure out of food. Surprise yourself, and book a tasting menu at one of your local restaurants. If you’re unsure where to start, have a look at the Michelin-starred list of restaurants in the UK. From one to three stars, you can discover a new approach to cooking and explore new flavours. More importantly, it gives you a creative incentive to transform your dinner routine into something exciting again.

You deserve a reward

Last, but not least, when was the last time you bought something for yourself? Whether you’ve had a hard day at work or you’ve been stressed out lately, you deserve something special that can put a smile on your face. There is an infinity of choices, from a feel-good beauty and perfume box to a new book from your favourite author. Just buy yourself something you want, especially if you don’t need it. It will inject some joy into your routine.

Don’t let routine takes all the fun out of life. Small disruptions of your habits keep things interesting, for yourself and the people around you. It’s time to fight boredom with excitement!


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