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My First Lash Lift | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So last week I got my first ever Lash Lift. I’ve been meaning to get one done for ages but time… y’known. So I made a real conscious effort to have someone looking after Evelyn so I can have a little time to my self, well kinda.

As Honeymoon is in T-5 days I thought now would be a perfect opportunity.

I booked in with someone local called Chloe’s Beauty Room (IG) (FB) for the Lash Lift and Tint which was a very reasonable £30. Getting your lashes done can be quite daunting, I mean, what if it goes wrong…. it’s your eyes for christs sake… only got one set of them. And I paid £2k for my eyes to be perfect so I wasn’t about to go and make a big mistake. I did my research and Chloe has done tonnes of them with all glowing reviews so I thought I’d be in safe hands.

I was pretty sure I knew what to expect after recommendations and a bit of googling so no awkward WTF is she doing when there (lol).
So the day before I went for a skin patch test which is just a little blob behind the ear and a few on your shoulder to make doubly sure and no reaction.

Thank god Chloe was lovely because I always feel awkward when having a treatment and my eyes are closed. Like what if theyre rolling their eyes at me or pulling horrific (wtf) faces etc ha ha Im sure it happens but pretty sure I was ok.

So the process is quite long. It took all in all just over an hour to do from start to finish.

So chloe started by putting patches underneath each eye. They are kind of a white semi stick patch to protect underneath the eye. Then some weird bar things were applied across my eyelids right above the lashes and she began applying various product. The product is like a perm lotion and a tint. This helps to lift the lashes and almost ‘strap’ them to the bars.

After around 20-30 mins Chloe tested to see if things had lifted and then slowly removed everything that had been put on my eyes. The smell of the perm product is not that pleseant but this soon fades once you wash your face. Note you should not do anything at all to your lashes for 24 hours after the treatment.

The results were amazing. I have quite long lashes anyway which I think helps as when they are lifted they make your eyes look bright and wide. For me it totally eliminated the need for any mascara at all which is the main reason I wanted it down. Where we are going on honeymoon its currently 40c so mascara would just melt off my face so this is perfect.

The cost is £30.00 which is totally worth it and I whole heatedly recommend Chloe.

lash lift review a bloggers beauty

lash lift review a bloggers beauty

lash lift review a bloggers beauty

lash lift review a bloggers beauty

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