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Why I am so over this ‘Influencer’ Malarkey | Chat

Why I am so over this 'Influencer' Malarkey | Chat

It wasn’t until recently that I realised exactly what direction I wanted my social media to go in and then I saw a very short 30s-1m video on facebook and hit me square in the face…. hard.

Everyone seems to want to become an ‘Influencer’ of some sort these days.

But with Influencing… comes responsibility.

Now the video I watched highlighted that when someone get’s done for drink driving (for example) they are classed as ‘under the influence’. It has that canopy attached to it.

So, if you are a ‘social media influencer’, in my eyes, you have a responsibility to tell the truth and be honest and true. If you are influencing people surely you can partially be held responsible… just like alcohol is.

Everyday people like you and me are hitting the likes of Instagram and seeing these unrealistic perceptions and personifications of beauty and general life really. People are uploading photo’s showing their lives off to be, quite frankly.. ten times better than they are or untrue to reality thanks to the likes of filters and positioning etc.

I saw a friend the other day for coffee and she showed me a photo of a girl on IG with a stunning tan and asked what I recommended to achieve that look. After a bit of digging, the girl didn’t even have the tan that that girl had. It was all filters.
This false, unrealistic influencing bullshit has got to stop.

Do not get me wrong there are people out there who tell you exactly how it is, the good the bad and the ugly right down to the last bogey smudged t-shirt from their darling children. THAT IS REALITY. Social Media is no longer social, it is a haven for false pretenses.

Mental health should be everyone’s main priority in life. Scrolling endlessly through the same photos of the flawless photo-shopped makeup and glamorised lives is going to leave you feeling low, ungrateful for the beauty and life you do have,  and having unrealistic expectations. It seems things like lip injections, botox, fillers are all at an all time high and it saddens me, you all look ridiculously the same. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there that see it and it does not change them one bit but it is now the minority.

I think once in a while we need to stop and ask ourselves, is this good for me?

And, Instagram is no longer good for me.

That is why I have made the HUGE decision to say goodbye to Instagram for A Bloggers Beauty. As of right now I don’t know if it will be forever but I need to, at least, take a much needed break. I am going to continue to write and share everything on my blog but IG needs to go. Life is too short and time to precious to spend with a phone in your hand all the time.
I no longer care what the latest trends are or the latest craze or if Kimmy K’s tit fell out on her stories. How is that a life to live by obsessing over others?? Go and see the world, spend it with your family and do the things you love, who cares what it is. Whether it be a 21 year old loving gardening or a 40 year old loving colouring… who the F cares!!!!! Do what makes you happy and I promise you, you will have the best life!

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