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Why I dont babble back a bloggers beauty

Countless mum’s babble away to they baby when they first start making noises. It’s only natural. Then the babbling really kicks off and there is no way in hell’s chance you know what they’re saying but you make the noise back anyway and before you know it you’re engaged in a incoherent conversation with a one year old.

But that’s not me.

Slightly unorthodox maybe and baffling to some, but this is us.

We decide very early on with Evelyn that we wouldn’t babble back to her. Instead, we would try and decipher what she was attempting to say or simply just talk to her in full blown English adult language.

Evelyn is now 16 months old and her language is developing so well. She can say a good 10-15 words and understands incredible amounts. Asking her to go and get things and bring them back to you is her favourite and you can ask her to go and get pretty much anything of hers and she will bring them back. She knows if asked to go and get a bedtime story it means to select two or three before having a bottle. She knows her routine back to front and if anything changes that she will try and tell you what she is meant to be doing. Her favourite word is ‘no’ at the moment, I mean, what 16 month old’s isn’t ‘no’!
I firmly believe that by doing this we have helped her understand and be the inquisitive, cheekiest, noisiest little girl we ever did know.

There are quite a few times a day where Evelyn sounds like she is saying full blown sentences and what we think she has says totally makes sense to what she is doing. It was just this morning she sounded like she said ‘and now it’s time to put on our shoes’ whilst crawling over to them, trying to put them on and then get her backpack to go to nursery. When things like this happen we respond with ‘yes’ and repeat what we think she has said and it works wonders.

Evelyn has always tried to ‘run before she could walk’ metaphorically (she is still not actually walking) and yes, she does still get extremely frustrated because of this. She wants to do everything!!! I am not saying my child is perfect one little bit though don’t get me wrong. For example 30 mins before this happened she was hysterical because her bottle was touching the side of her breakfast plate!!!!

Babbling back just increasing your babies ability to babble and not actually their language skills. I am not a doctor don’t get me wrong but to us this is common sense and something we have seen to work wonders.

Playing with your children and understanding their noises is amazing but talking to them, not only helps, but creates a bond too and also stops the frustration tantrums (a bit) …of which, we have quite a few.

Why I dont babble back a bloggers beauty

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  1. We did this with both of the Mini’s – talking to them about any and every thing whether it be about doing the dishes, the weather outside or what we were cooking. Trying to decipher what they were saying as well. We did it more with our youngest than the eldest and his speech development and general understanding is way more advanced than most of his peers.

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