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The Chalk Man by C.J.Tudor Review

The Chalk Man by C.J.Tudor Review a bloggers beauty

I bought this book for 2 reasons.

1, the front cover includes a glowing review by none other than Lee Child one of my favourite authors.

and reason 2, because the front cover includes a glowing review by Stephen king, another amazing author.

The front cover weirdly has a duplicated front cover. So it has the front cover and then, effectively page 1, is a second front cover material page but with loads and loads of reviews written on it. So weird and the first book I have ever seen like it. Probably another reason I was drawn to it to be honest.

Lee Child writes, ‘Wonderfully creepy- like a cold blade on the back of your neck.’

How could I not read it?

So what is it about? Well….A lot happens within the first 50 pages. A girl has half her face ripped off in a fair ground accident, a Vicar is nearly murdered and Fat Gav is actually in a wheel chair due to a freak car accident. That is all detailed in the first 50 pages! The book is quite fast paced, if a book can even be that. A lot happens very quickly and this is a book that you cannot skip sentences when reading.
The book flicks between present day and when they were kids so you need to keep a track of what era you are in when you are reading but it is quite easy to do- the kids mostly play outside on their bikes.

The kids used to draw chalk men on the pavement in different colours which would signify different things. Then, when they are adults letters begin to arrive with single chalk men drawn inside.

The story is a tale of murder and consequence and the past coming back to haunt you for sure.

For those that love thrillers that aren’t gorey or scary this is a pretty good one to read.

This is one book that is going back on my book shelf for a re-read in a few years that’s for sure! The book is written well with a strong narrative that doesn’t flash between past and present tense even though the story line does. It is all written in present tense giving the book a true sense of realism.

The book can be purchased on Amazon for just £2.00. Buy it here.

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The Chalk Man by C.J.Tudor Review a bloggers beauty

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