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What a dream it would be…

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I recently saw some things going around online that voiced what we would do if we could do anything, no restrictions, nothing. And for once it really really got me thinking. What would my life be like if it truly were my oyster.

I know you never should let anything hold you back but once you’ve mapped a period in your life that’s quite often the route you have to stick to. You often hear the term ‘But what’s stopping you?’ or ‘Just do it’ but sometimes you really can’t, you have to consider every aspect of your life and take them all into consideration.

I have 2 children to consider. One is 18 months and the other is 8 who is not with us all the time. So moving over the other side of the world is just not feasible. We can’t just leave, we can’t ‘just do’ certain things. But that’s the life I chose and that’s ok.

It is healthy to have hopes and dreams and one day you never know you may just reach them but I am one who wholeheartedly believes that it is the journey that makes the dreams more special. If you are handed something on a plate every time you will never learn it’s worth, so earning that something is much better, in my opinion. The sense of achievement and appreciation is imperative, again in my opinion, for happiness.

But in a dream world what would I do? Where would I be? Who would I be? Where would I go?

I think I would be self sufficient. And by that I mean I would have land and grow my own herbs and vegetables and not have to rely on the economy and import/export. My home would be in woodland, away from prying eyes and at one with nature. A house full of windows to watch the beauty of nature and my children would grow up without technology being the go to toy. It would be den building and fort competitions with mud pies and mud kitchens on the side.
It would be Yoga at 6am with a tea and toast feeling incredibly calm in myself. There would be no routine or meetings but just genuine happiness. If I needed money then I would happily work to sell something I’ve made or grown.
Location? I don’t care where. Although Siberia would be pushing it. We could go where ever because we would have both children all the time and we wouldn’t be tied to certain places. I think I would still want my children to go to school, I think social skills are extremely important but life would be simple.

I would also travel more that’s for sure.

Right now I plan to go at least one place new every year and pretty much since Phil and I have been together we have pretty much managed that. I hate going to the same places over and over. Crete, Venice, Oslo, Bergen, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Bangkok, Siem Reap, Amsterdam, Nerja. There is probably a few more but I can’t think of any right now. That’s where we have been together, but there are tonnes of other places I’ve been without him.
The list goes on though. Next year we have plans to visit some family in wales and take Evelyn to where I used to go when I was little but I think a trip to Croatia may be on the cards for later on in the year, or maybe Santorini. Who knows? We shall see.

My dreams are not unrealistic and maybe they are small to some, but for me that’s what I would like. Maybe when the kids are older this would be totally feasible. Who knows? When we retire we could just travel permanently. The world is everything you want it to be you just have to visualise it and make it happen!

So tell me your dreams? what would you do if you could do anything?

What a dream it would be a bloggers beauty

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