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My 20lb 20 Month old

20 months old a bloggers beauty

Paeditrican appointments always start with height and weight being taken. Evelyn was weighed very recently at 9.05kg which equates to pretty much 20lbs.

We also bought her first pair of shoes recently at a size 2.5!

She’s so Diddy.

We missed the 18 and 19 month post because life has just been so hectic so I thought I would sit a write her at 20 months. In a month they change so much so I am kind of glad I missed the last one.

At 20 months she is too bloody clever for her own good. Evelyn has a vocabulary of about 80 words but can understand so many more. She tries to use sentences which are half babble half words, of which, we get the gist of.
She loves animals more than anything, especially ducks. Every bird is a duck and the sheer excitement of seeing them is beautiful to watch. She walks her farm animals along the floor which such precision, although she has been doing this for a while.
Her fine motor skills are incredible! On a clean table she will find and pick up and give you the one grain of salt you missed when you cleaned it, or when the cat spilled his food whilst eating she would pick them up and feed them too him and tell him he’s doing a good job!

We are still not quite sleeping through the night yet. Most nights we are down to getting up once with the rareity being twice rather than the normal being up three or four times. I don’t feel as zombified anymore that’s for sure.

We are finally walking! Woop woop! Evelyn kind of missed out the whole few steps then fall stage and just one day got up and started walking, 8 weeks later and she is nearly running everywhere and it is impossible to get her to stay in the buggy for more than 5 minutes at a time!

She is the cheekiest, funniest, sassiest little 20 month old that I know! She has everyone at nursery laughing all day long and we absolutely love her to pieces!

20 months old a bloggers beauty

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