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Afternoon Teas in Kent | The Review

There is nothing to dislike about afternoon tea with family and friends. Literally nothing and I will challenge anyway that says differently.

Sandwiches, cake, champagne, coffee…. seriously there is nothing better.

As my addiction is well and truly ingrained in to me I thought I would compile a review of all the places I have been to in Kent and give them all a rating. If you are anything like me I always check out the reviews before I go so why not have them all in one place.

I have had the best and the worst and everything in between. I have also cried whilst I paid because it was so expensive and I’ve also laughed whilst paying because of the cheapness, so here it is- something for everyone;

Eastwell Manor- Ashford

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Eastwell Manor is one of my favourite places to visit in Kent. Their new Champneys Spa is quite frankly perfect and the Manor House oozes elegance.

They offer a whole range of different afternoon teas though.

Classic Afternoon Tea from £26.00 per person
Pimms Afternoon Tea from £28.00 per person
Sparkling English Afternoon Tea from £32.00 per person
A £3 supplement applies at weekends

The extensive ranges of teas makes it a really unique experience. The Classic Afternoon tea consist of a selection of finger sandwiches and cakes accompanied by seasonal fruit scones.

The food is always good and the customer service outstanding.

It is the pricier end of the scale and a nice little treat every now and again. I would never turn down an afternoon tea here. Absoultely faultless every single time.

Rating: 9/10

Patisserie Valerie- Canterbury

We went here on a groupon offer a while back. In the Canterbury branch there is not a huge amount of room with a buggy but they catered to 2 (in fact) reasonably well.

Being a Patisserie I did expect great things. There cakes are always to die for to say the least so I was massively looking forward to this one.
Their classic afternoon tea is served with either tea or coffee and includes a selection of traditional finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a range of miniature patisserie classics.
Usually £25, however, the groupon deal for two was £19. They do offer a sparkling afternoon tea which is £30 for two also.

Jemima’s Tea Room – Minster

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Jemima’s is a really quaint little tea shop in the gorgeous village of Minster.

All the house like items on the walls and shelves are for sale and most items fall into the real of ‘shabby chic’ interior items.

The afternoon tea has to be paid for in advance from memory. All the cakes are 100% homemade on site and boy do you know it. The cakes are so scrumptious!

The cost is £15 per person and for that you get the usual sandwiches, cake, scones, tea/coffee etc. When the tiers come out to the table you don’t think there is huge amounts there but actually it is incredibly filling and really really yummy. It is definitely quality over quantity here and that is totally ok with me!

Rating: 8/10

The Falstaff- Canterbury

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

The Falstaff has been a long time favourite for me for cocktails and more recently they have been doing Afternoon Tea. I have had the pleasure of eating here a few times, however, it must be pre-booked and this is literally all they do other than cream teas.

Afternoon tea changes with the seasons, it is a nice touch and one that keeps me going back. In the past few year I’ve probably been here three times. The last time wasn’t so great because Evelyn screamed the entire time but that aside the food was only average. Previously it had been very very good, especially with a glass of fizz!

Afternoon tea only costs £16.50 per person or £24.00 for champagne afternoon tea, which I think is very reasonable. It consists of a choice of teas by the pot, fruit scones with home-made jam and clotted cream, macaroons, petit-fours, a slice of cake, and assorted sandwiches. The tea choice is lengthy and you can pretty much have any you want.

I will be venturing back again to try it in a hope that last time was just a one off and i’ll try and update then, so my score is based on that.


The Bears Trading Co- Whitstable

On of the cutest places to have afternoon tea. The Bears is not just a place to eat but also a gift shop too. Surrounded by some of the largest and cutest bears you can eat your way into a food coma. This place is brilliant for food and atmosphere. Cream teas are priced at a very reasonable £6.95 for two MASSIVE homemade scones and a pot of tea. The scones are… Im going to say it… the best I have ever had.. EVER! AND I HAVE HAD A LOT!

The owners also work the tables too and are the nicest men you have met. Their hospitality is next to none and I applaud them for doing such an incredibly good job.

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty
(photo taken from Bears Page)

Afternoon tea is quite reasonable but at the higher end of reasonable. The price for each person starts at just £19.50, but that does include free refills of Tea or Americano coffee, (other drinks need to be paid for separately) a selection of sandwiches and sweets.

You MUST book in advance for afternoon tea here. But it is so worth it. Honestly, you have never tried an afternoon tea like this. Not only do you get the standard scones, sandwiches and cakes but also mini pies and sausage rolls and I think a quiche too from memory. The portion sizes are ridiculously big and it is slightly overwhelming. When I visited I asked the owners if anyone had actually finished it and he explained only one person had. However, you can take anything left away with you for supper.

Note: The hot chocolate and milkshakes are a must try too. If going simply for lunch the good is brilliant quality, fresh and good size portions.

Would I go back? In a heart beat…daily if I could!

Rating: 9.5/10

Abode- Canterbury

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

We took my grandmother here for her birthday last year and she really enjoyed herself.

The food is reasonably good quality. The sandwiches are generously filled although the cakes are small and rather bite size, either that or I am super greedy.

Cost is £22.50 which, if you compare to the likes of Eastwell Manor or The Bears is just too much for what you receive. You are paying more for the location that the food I feel. It is in central Canterbury on the high street and, although very nice, the place lacks atmosphere and as soon as you are done you feel like you can’t sit and relax and enjoy yourself. That is through no fault of the staff really it is just such a busy place the atmosphere does not make you feel relaxed enough to stay.

If I am honest I probably wouldn’t come back here again, it was ok… but just ok.

Rating: 7/10

The Orangery at Whitstable Castle- Whitstable

The castle has beautiful grounds and is very close to the beach. It hosts a wonderful menu and Afternoon Tea is something I have only had once here.
The cakes have always been wonderful but it was just a few months ago we decided to have the full whack here.

The Afternoon Tea is your standard sandwiches, cake and scones with tea or coffee or for £5 extra you can have a glass of champagne. The cost is £20 per person, which I think was quite steep for what was offered. Comparing that to some of the other reviews here I would say maybe £16-17 a head would be justifiable. Don’t get me wrong it was nice but that was it…just nice.

Rating: 6/10

The Lane- Deal

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Not entirely sure where to start with The Lane. It is a very different kind of afternoon tea.

It is a selection of sweet and savory items, yes like a normal one, however, the savory aren’t sandwiches. The savory is a pork pie, a mini tart, a brie and bacon roll… just to name a few. that is not said in a bad way, it is nice to go somewhere with their own twist on things. I truly loved it.

The cakes are also not the size of Macrons either which makes a change. For example a small tower of mini doughnuts and chocolate dipping sauce, a large chocolate cupcake, slab of rocky road… the list is massive to be honest. Thankfully the last time I came here I was pregnant and ALWAYS hungry and quite frankly it was the most glorious day of my pregnancy!

I have been here twice now and each time is extremely overwhelming, so be prepared to take a doggy bag home.

For £20 per person you will receive your picnic bench and an unlimited pot of English tea. They offer a children’s size which is super cute for just £10 too.

Word of warning : Go with a completely empty stomach

This one is hard to judge for a score as it is not everyone’s cup of tea (no pun intended) but I really love it, so based on that….

Rating: 9/10

The Secret Garden- Mersham

Oh the Secret Garden is so so beautiful. Having been here once before I opted to host my sisters baby shower here also.
Set in stunning gardens that are quite frankly perfect it sets the tone for a chilled out wonderful time.

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Now the Secret Garden don’t just do normal afternoon tea. They do Sweet afternoon tea, savory afternoon tea, chocolate afternoon tea or a Gentleman’s afternoon tea. Each and everyone of them is amazing. I wont go into every single menu but I have had both the sweet and savory and both are equally as wonderful. All are served on bone china which, I think, makes a huge difference.

Price wise it is £27.95pp with a glass of Bubbles £33.95pp Saturday and Sunday and £25.95pp with a glass of Bubbles £31.95pp Monday to Friday for the chocolate, sweet and savory. The Gentleman’s cost is slightly different. £27.95pp with a bottle of Beer £31.95pp Saturday and Sunday and £25.95pp with a bottle of Beer £29.95pp Monday to Friday.

The food has always been really good although I wish there was just maybe one more thing such as an extra cake just to make sure you are full, that would go down a treat.
I think the cost is a little steep and it is not somewhere I would rush back to because of that. That being said it is a nice treat and one I would always consider when choosing to have an Afternoon tea.

Rating: 7/10

Broome Park- Barham

I expected a lot from Broome Park upon booking. The great reviews that showcase over Tripadvisor set the bar at a reasonable level. We actually came here for a spa afternoon. You have 2 hours to use the facilities, then your afternoon tea, then 2 hours to use the facilities again.
The facilities consist of a small pool, small sauna and a gym. Unfortunately they were a bit of a let down. The pool was extremely crowded you didn’t have room to swim, the sauna caters for around 4 bottoms and the gym was pointlessly small we didn’t venture in. After an hour we actually got out and didn’t go back in. However, this is about Afternoon Tea.

We opted for the Afternoon tea for 2 with a glass of Prosecco each. This was a Wowcher deal costing £29 for two (£14.50 ea) including the spa for 2 hours either side of the food. If you go direct to the Broome Park website for Afternoon tea it costs £21.95 without Prosseco and just tea or £26.95 with.

They say their afternoon tea consists of a selection of finger sandwiches including smoked salmon and cream cheese, free range eggs and Sakura cress, as well as warm scones with cream and jam, cute cakes and, of course, freshly brewed tea.

I wasn’t wowed at all if I am honest and the extra glass of wine purchased at the bar really did help. The food was average unfortunately and for the venue should have been a lot better. The tea which is made with Tea leaves didn’t come with a strainer until asked and even then it took 20 mins for that to arrive. It seemed that there were a few tables that had to ask for strainers and again had to wait like it was not the norm.

I think maybe the facilities have tarnished my view a little.

Taking all things into consideration the score is…

Rating: 5/10 (it would have been a 4 if it had not been for the extra glass of wine we purchased which cushioned the blow a little).

The Grand- Folkestone

The Grand is a beautiful place on the front of Folkestone sea front that overlooks the sea and on a clear day you can see France. Quite often they have a pianist playing and the grandeur offered is just that…grand. Unfortunately the place needs a little TLC these days and a lick of paint and a bit of a face lift wouldn’t go a miss, however, it is still a lovely place to go.

The Afternoon Tea here, I believe, is very reasonable. At just £13.95 a head you set for a good start. However, if you wish to have a glass of Champagne, you have to buy the bottle which will set you back £90!

The food has always been quite good and for the price I think it is quite fair. So for a cheaper one I think it’s a good choice.

Rating: 7/10

The Crescent Turner- Whitstable

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

This is the place I went for a family Baby shower. For this one I didn’t want big, so this was a perfect location.
I had previously been here for dinner a few times and it has always been the higher end of the market, but, the food is worth it.

Afternoon Tea comes in at £16.50 per person. An Alternative style looking afternoon tea is presented on rectangle plates and consists of a selection of sandwiches, Warm plain and fruit scones, homemade quiche, Coffee and walnut cake and Victoria sponge cake and of course served with tea or coffee.
Being pregnant at the time I could have eaten two platefuls, however, the size of the portions are pretty average and the food pretty tasty.

For £16.50 I think it is a great shout in a stunning location.

Rating: 8/10

Mount Ephraim – Faversham

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

Mount Ephraim is a beautiful Manor House set in acres upon acres of stunning gardens and fields. Many choose to get married here and its not a wonder why. The views are beautiful and the area tranquil.
Afternoon tea is available from 11am until 5pm on Wednesdays to Sundays between April and September and booking is essential!

The afternoon tea is very tasty and very traditional. It will only cost you £10.50 a head also which is a bloody bargain. HOWEVER, to get into Mount Ephraim there is a small donation requested for parking so this may cost you a couple of quid to.

Rating: 8/10

As I venture around more and more tea rooms around Kent I will do my best to add reviews as I go.

Best Afternoon Teas in Kent Review a bloggers beauty

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