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It’s not just bottles| I’m turning my nails green too!

Recently I’ve been making a real conscious effort to make changes In my life that effect the environment less and less. Deliberately buying things without plastic and even paying a little more (in some cases) for plastic free packaging, reusing things more, being more resourceful with foods that are expiring rather than waiting for them to expire and throwing them away….to name a few.

We need to care so much more about our environment. But it’s not just these sorts of things we need to be more careful of, it’s what goes into products too and how bad they are for, not just the environment but our bodies too.
For example Nail Varnish, so so many chemicals are mixed into it that there is no way in the world it is good for you at all.

Sensational Nail Polish A Bloggers Beauty

I’ve been looking at finding some Nail Varnish that is plant based or is made with natural products and came across SensatioNail. Ive used the nails varnish previously with the peel off varnish and was reasonably impressed.

Upon doing more research it seems that SensationNail have a new ‘Nailtural’ line that is composed of 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat, creating a formula that’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly too.
The company claim that each polish is also 10-free, which means it’s free from the 10 commonly used toxic ingredients in nail polish and still delivers a high shine and long-lasting colour.

They are also doing Acetone free Varnish remover, Natural Cuticle Oil and Natural Nail strengthener too.

So I thought I would give the varnish remover, Cuticle Oil and a polish a try out.

First of all, the packaging is really nice. As always the oil and the polish are in glass bottles but they also have a wood or wood effect handle which is a really nice feature. the remover is in a plastic bottle (unfortunately) but is 100% recyclable. This too has a lovely wooden lid to it too.

The Polish is a really nice pinky colour called ‘Naturally Nude’. The shades range from a creamy white pale pink shade to a deep pink shade which supports that natural title it holds.

Sensational Nail Polish A Bloggers Beauty

The varnish smells like any normal polish, so at first, I was a little dubious. However, it glided on really well and had the shine of a gel polish. It took a while to completely dry but I think that was the only downside. It was reasonably resistant to chips, having an 8 year old and almost 2 year old your hands are put through their paces and we had no chips even after 5 days.

The Cuticle Oil is an almond oil and isn’t as greasy as I thought first it would be. I have been using this for a few weeks now and although I cant physically see any changes I have noticed my cuticles feeling stronger and growing a lot more. They also do not have as much lose or torn skin around them either. For the oil it gives a big thumbs up from me.

The remover smells super weird, not chemical but not natural, kind of like a wheat/ wood smell. It seems to remove the nail polish as well as my usual removal, however, usually a few days after my nails are quite brittle. With the Natural nail varnish remover is doesn’t appear to do that which is super impressive.

I think I may have just found my new go to nail polish. It ticks every single box possible. I hope they bring out some more shades very very soon! They currently have 23 but a few glitters or metallics would go down a treat.

Sensational Nail Polish A Bloggers Beauty

The polishes are just £6 which is an absolute bargain for what it is. Tell me what shades you’ll buy!

You can shop Nailtural Nail Polish here.


Sensational Nail Polish A Bloggers Beauty

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