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5 surprising tips to eating healthier in 2020

5 surprising tips to eating healthier in 2020 a bloggers beauty

Eat better = feel better! It’s a fairly simple equation, but the practicalities of healthy eating can seem a little daunting. However, they really shouldn’t. With a bit of knowledge and a plan you can make changes easily. These five surprising tips are going to help you eat more healthily in 2020.

Learn to cook

Or, if you’re already a decent cook, look to expand your current repertoire. The more interested you get in cooking, and the more diverse you more meal choices are, the easier it becomes to eat healthily. That’s because you can control exactly what goes into your diet as opposed buying packaged options. 

When you cook everything from scratch you decide how much salt, sugar and fat goes into what you eat… and it’s a lot more rewarding too.

Eat more often

One of the biggest risks to a healthy eating lifestyle is binge eating. And that usually occurs as a result of going too long between meals. When that happens, and we get the inevitable hunger signals, it’s all too easy to reach for quick and easy options, and a lot of them. 

Eating three meals per day, with healthy snacks a couple of hours in between each, will help prevent binge eating, as you keep yourself fuelled throughout the day. The result of that? Less hunger and more energy.

Switch to green tea

There are many health benefits to drinking green tea, with one potential issue; does green tea stain your teeth? Well, let’s look at the benefits first. For one, it’s full of antioxidants, which help fight illness. It’s also great for fat burning and can even lower your risk of contracting a host of chronic diseases. Swap out a couple of cups of your regular tea or coffee and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this super drink.

If you want answers to the original question, ‘does green tea stain your teeth?’ you can read here to find out more.

Go meat free

Even if it’s just for one day. When we substitute meat that should push us towards filling our plates with fresh vegetables and other highly nutritious ingredients. Cutting back on meat, and in particular fatty cuts, means eating less saturated fat, and therefore lowering cholesterol levels. 

As we’re living in a time when there is more and more focus on vegetarianism and veganism, the options have grown vastly, with plenty of delicious foods to try.

Treat yourself

That’s right, treat yourself! Healthy eating is about a lifestyle change, not depriving yourself of all things nice. If you eat well for a huge part of your week it’s fine to have a treat every now and then… you could even go as far as to give yourself a treat day. 

It’s down to you to set the parameters and enjoy your treats guilt free. This will help you stay motivated the rest of the time.

Changing eating habits means committing to a healthy lifestyle, and these tips are going to help you make that change easy. Happy eating!

5 surprising tips to eating healthier in 2020 a bloggers beauty

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