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The Ritual of Tsuru

Whenever I make it up to London, I HAVE, to stop in Covent Garden and swing via the Rituals shop because it smells like home and heaven all in one place. I always walk away with a least 2 new foaming shower gels and about 5 scrubs. I am a huge fan of their products, although, I do have two favourites. One is the tradition (I feel) Ritual of Sakura and the other was their Limited Edition Ritual of Light which I actually cried when they pulled it from the shelf. I well and truly stocked up prior but my supplies have dwindled.

Just before Christmas Rituals released a few new collections which I have been incredibly eager to try. One that I have had my eye on is their Elixir Collection which is a HAIR range. Yes yes I know very exciting and It has been a while since I have been available to go and grab some. However, when I do they will 100% be reviewed.

I thought I would dabble in a few of them though to give you a real understanding of the scents and wonders of some of them.

The Ritual of Tsuru, Again, is a Limited Edition collection which honestly does sadden me as it means it won’t be around forever. boooo!

“The Ritual of Tsuru enriches your life by transforming everyday routines into moments of pure joy and peace.”

The collection combines Fine gold particles know for its ancient use in skincare and also black pine which is know for its vitamin rich benefits. Pine is known throughout many cultures as an excellent mood booster that refreshes the spirit.

The gold and pine scents work really well together and gives a calming clean kind of smell. The bath bombs work really well with this scent as it lingers in the bathroom and makes the whole bathing process really something else- in a good way.

The Ritual of Tsuru a bloggers beauty

The Ritual of Ayurveda is all about ‘balanced living’, which ultimately is the science of life.

“This ancient wisdom from India helps you to improve health and well-being by cleansing and nourishing your energy.”

Ingredients of this collection consists of Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey. The combination of the two ingredients create a balancing effect I the body and ultimately inner harmony.
I do have to say this one smells of a rose smothered in honey, literally. If you smell it you will totally understand what I mean. You get the floralness of the rose yet that sweet rich honey smell covering it. I wouldn’t this is going to be one of my favourite smells but I don’t hate it.

Ingredients and scent aside there is one thing that super excites me about the Ritual of Ayurveda Balancing Body Cream and that is the tub is actually refillable. You can simply slide the insert out which means you do not have to buy a whole new tub! The refill saves up to 70% CO2 emissions, 65% in energy and uses 45% less water. And of course the refills are cheaper than buying a whole new tub too. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. 10 out of 10 for that Rituals!

The Ritual of Tsuru a bloggers beauty

The Ritual of the Happy Buddha is a combination of Sweet orange and Cedar Wood. The two together create this warming homely scent that honestly makes me feel like home. It’s warm and welcoming and one of the best smells. The scented candle is one that I have actually purchased two of for myself as it just really relaxes me and makes me genuinely feel happy.

“In ancient China, 1100 years ago, The Laughing Buddha was a famous monk whose legendary smile brought joy wherever he went. For centuries, rubbing his belly has symbolised good luck and prosperity.”

I feel like Rituals have really nailed this one. The sweet fragrance of Sweet Orange boosts your mood and energy levels and the pure, aromatic essential oil of Cedar has a stimulating woody fragrance. I didn’t know that in China offering someone an orange is equivalent to wishing them happiness and prosperity.

I think The Ritual of the Happy Buddha has to be my next favourite after The Ritual of Light. If anyone wants to start with rituals I think The Rituals of Sakura has to be the first place to go and then The Ritual of the Happy Buddha. I feel like Sakura is the foundation for Rituals, kind of where it all started and the Happy Buddha is the journey in all its glory in to one bottle.

The Ritual of Tsuru a bloggers beauty

I love that with every Rituals collection there is so much thought and research gone into them to really bring the titles and history behind the titles to you and tie them in with the scents and ingredients.

They aren’t just based in Covent Garden, there are various stores through out the uk and of course their website. If you click on the collections tab and scroll through the various collections you will find all the history and information about the individual collections available.


The Ritual of Tsuru a bloggers beauty

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