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Glossybox | January 2020

January; A new start, a fresh routine, a clean page… however you want to look at it January is a NEW year and with a new year I think people, even sub-consciously, look at things differently. It can be work life or a fitness regime or even something simple like a skin care routine. I completely believe there is not one person who doesn’t even just think on new year maybe new year will be better even just that. Everyone feels it.

Glossybox have been thinking just that over December and have delivered a restart box. The theme: ‘Sleep and Refresh’. The contents; A new Beauty routine!

If you are new to Glossybox then here is a little info. As you have probably gathered Glossybox is a beauty subscription service. Each month, it delivers a wide and varied selection of 5 beauty treats that include niche, high-end and emerging brands. I love this because you can get some good old faithful products yet try some things you would never normally buy.

The latest trends are taken into account with every single box (you can see past boxes here) to bring you reusable and stylish boxes full of beauty essentials.

There are 4 different ways to subscribe to Glossybox starting from as low as £9.50! Choose between a monthly rollover box (cancel any time), a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-paid subscription. Each month there is a little deal to be had on a freebie up for grabs so make sure you keep and eye out on social media.

January is seeing a big 5 full size products which includes everything you need to create a revitalising routine to help you grab 2020 by the horns and ride it without falling off! I feel like 2020 is going to change my skin for the much much better!
So lets see what they have packed in this month;

We have the Strawberry Booster from Bybi Beauty. Made from up-cycled seeds from the juice industry this oil is a massive moisture boost for those participating in dry January. Filled with rich antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 and smelling absoultey amazing it was a real winner to see this little beaut in the box. RRP £12

Next up we have Tweezers from Basic Beauty.  I was super shocked at the quality of these tweezers compared to other brands or the such like you can get in the likes of everyday Supermarkets in the UK. They’re super light and I found it really hard to grab single hairs. With an RRP of £15.50 I was shocked.

Always been a fan of Modelco brow products so to see their Clear Brow Gel  I was quite excited. I have tended to wear pencil liner most days for my brows but I feel this could be a swap for some days where I want it plain and easy. It is super light weight and Does not let your brows go crusty either. RRP £14.

CBD Oil is all the fashion at the moment and Glossybox have incorporated a CBD Oil Infused Mask from Beauty Pro. A biodegradable mask (10pts already) that helps to restore, smooth and calm your complexion- which is exactly what we need after the boozy nights of 2019! RRP £5.95 (barg)!

Last but not least we have Kueshi’s Double Effect Makeup Remover. Rule one of adulthood…never sleep with makeup on! It ruins your skin!!! I have pretty much only done it a handful of times and always regretted it. This Makeup Remover isnt too harsh although I did find it is not chemical free and stings like a b***h when you get it in your eye when trying to remover mascara. However, it does remove it better than the tears you cry when getting in the eye! RRP £10.30.

As far as getting a refresh from a box and it being January I feel this months box has been a real hit. It seems to tick most of the boxes although I do feel the box hasnt ticked the high quality to mark this month. The products are all slightly cheaper and maybe not up to the quality that I would normally use, personally. That being said if you are a new subscriber I think it is a great first box to get the ball rolling and introducing you to some new brands and some you probably all ready know. So I feel this has kind of been an all rounder box

You can read all my reviews for passed boxes here.

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Subscribe to Glossybox today to get your hands on this stunning box. Also remember your ‘Glossycredit’. Simply refer a friend and you can earn £10 credit to spend on lookfantastic.com !


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