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Raze Your Shave Game with Wilkinson Sword

When it comes to hair removal, the leading method in the UK is shaving. It’s quick, it’s easy and its relatively painless. I have, however, up until recently been getting my brows waxed for quite a few years. Tweezing takes so long and always needs doing within a few or so. Around 3 years ago I was introduced to the ‘browzer‘ and it has been serving me well ever since, but at £8.95 each it’s not as cheap as plucking.

Wilkinson Sword has been catching my eye recently with their vibrant razors and I happened to notice they also do a brow shaper (dun dun duuun). AND they’re just £3.99 for a pack of 3. So I was sold. I wanted to give them a try, having used the similar product for a while. Surely they’re all the same right? And just like a trip to Primark it’s never just one thing that gets added to the basket is it?
So I thought I’d show you guys what Wilkinson Sword has to offer.

Wilkinson Sword are one the top companies in the hair removal game and one use regularly. For me, the Quattro has always been my go to, but actually, there are so many different types of razors they do. I was actually quite shocked at the variety. Not only that but women have been turning to Men’s razors more and more. The closer shave the lack of cuts you get with them appeal hugely.
That being said, if you get the right women’s razor you’re just as golden.

This is the Intuition Ultra Moisture Razor.  It lathers and shaves in one steps eliminating the need for any soap. As a precautionary measure I do occasionally use soap with this but totally needlessly. If you use this you will totally understand the lack of need for soap. Note, you do still need water though. The head has four blades and the head pivots offering a closer shave and a better shave for those ‘hard to reach’ places.

The block of Shea butter does seem to come off in chunks towards the end of its life unfortunately, however, overall a very very good razor. What I like about this is it is £9.99 but it comes with 3 heads. You can select 6 or 9 on the website too. Most razors don’t come with the additional heads any more so that is definitely a big plus for me.

Next up we have the Lady Protector Razor. This razor has been specifically designed with wire guards which prevent any kind of nicks and cuts and a strip of Aloe at the top.
It is a little bulkier than a ‘normal’ razor and molds well to the shape of the hand offering a good grip and hold.

With only 2 blades this one does require a little more work from the user and maybe doesn’t give a close a shave as the Intuition, however, for me, it is a good travel razor. Quick, easy, does the job but not fancy.

At a cost of only £6.99 it is reasonable but does not come with any additional heads.

Lastly we have the brow shaper. I was very intrigued about this one. For a third of the cost to the one I was using plus triple the quantity, I’m going to be honest my expectations were quite low. Firstly, after a little research, they are £3.99 on the Wilkinson Sword website but only £2.99 in Superdrug (you’re welcome). That makes them a £1 each. Bloomin’ bargain!

The shaper itself is slightly curved to allow for easier hair removal. The blade is thin and sharp although I highly doubt you’d be able to cut yourself on it at all. That being said it does really get all those fine hairs that you may not usually see all to well when you pluck.
I think Waxing will always give a clearer definition when it comes to brows but these are a great in-between and a great way to get the shape you want.

Comparing it the the one I was using I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed, however, I am not sure the blade will last as long as the others. That also being said, it is a third of the price for a pack of three so really I’m laughing!

To conclude the Intuition is a great razor with the added luxury of moisture and care, the Lady Protector is a great travel item or a top up and the brow shaper is cheap and does the job well! Wilkinson Sword still has my shaving heart and now my brow heart too!

Currently, on their website, spend £15 and get a free gift!


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