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Honeymoon | Udaya Residence Siem Reap Cambodia

It’s been a while since we went on Honeymoon but life has gotten In the way of everything. But I finally wanted to get round to showing and reviewing one of the places we stayed in Cambodia.

As a couple, we are not ones to go and sit on a beach for 2 weeks in the Maldives for honeymoon. We would much rather be off exploring the depths of the jungles and discovering ancient ruins or animals. We love adventure.
That’s why we chose Thailand and Cambodia to honeymoon. The adventure was limitless.

We were stopping for around a week in Cambodia and for 4 nights we stayed at the Udaya Residence in Siem Reap. We went in May which is at the end of the season and the very end of the hot season so we expected some rain.

We booked this hotel because it was just outside of central Siem Reap and boasted a whole list of glowing reviews. We wanted somewhere quite but accessible. I think it was €2 to get a tuk tuk to the center and took around 5 mins- perfect!

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

A tuk tuk was sent to pick us up from the airport free of charge (we tipped generously for this as €5 will feed a family for a good few days).
When we arrived, we were greeted with towels and fruit and the biggest warmest welcome. We were given our key and told we were to have the presidential suite (not what we had booked, we had booked the Deluxe pool view room) as we were on honeymoon.

The room was massive. It was more of an apartment.

The room had been done beautifully and the bed and had been decorated with flowers and towels and writing. We were so touched.

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

Out the back of our room was a door to a private court yard like area which had its own waterfall jungle shower and a marble bath filled with flowers also. It was heaven.
The pool which was right outside the front door was slightly salty which helps to kill off bacteria I am told. The loungers and beds were incredibly comfy and a waiter with the best manners and etiquette was at our beak and call to order drinks and snacks.

We lazed around on our first and day and ate at Udaya. The food was lovely, a little pricier than the prices in town but it is a family run business and we didn’t mind paying slightly more.

I cannot eat breakfast at breakfast time, I’m more of a 10am when my bodies properly woken up type of girl even if I’m up at 5am. So, breakfast at 8am is really tough for me (but you’ll find that sort of time at any hotel for breakfast run). However, the fruit section bought to our table was just incredible. Every morning different fruit. I tried so many new fruits but the best had to be the Rambutan and the Mangosteens. Oh my they were to die for!

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

The rooms are kept to a very high standard and cleaned within an inch of their lives. The pool also. Even though we were at the end of season the attention to detail was amazing.

On our first night there we woke to the neighboring building having renovations starting at 5am. At breakfast they asked if we slept well and we asked what was happening next door out of curiosity. The noise didn’t bother us (we were used to being woken by a screaming toddler). However, a few hours later we had a call to our room to say they had asked the builders next door to start a few hours later. I felt so awful, that’s not what I had meant but what care for their customers for them to do that.

Udaya can also book excursions for you, however, we wanted to go at our own pace. That being said we did book their Tuk Tuk offer for Angkor. There are lots of different options but we chose the Tuk Tuk driver for the day. So the evening before they took us to get our Angkor entry tickets then the next 2 days we had unlimited access to the city. The Tuk Tuk would take us from each temple and advise the best sites before letting roam for unlimited time at each one. He would wait around as long as we wanted and then take us back to the hotel when finished. We saw, what I would say, as the majority of the temples over 2 days and we were out 8-5/6 both days and this was only $25!!! Although on each day we did take our driver for lunch and fully paid for it for him (we wouldn’t have taken no for an answer) we also gave a tip at the end as he was the nicest driver and so lovely.

After 3 nights at Udaya we had booked somewhere else for a few nights as we had thought (prior to going) it would be nice to experience different places In Siem Reap and we were so so disappointed on arrival at the next hotel. We had well and truly been spoiled at Udaya and nothing else compared.

Would I go back again?? In a heartbeat!

Udaya have a few different rooms to choose from each boasting a massive room with amazing facilities.

I wish we had stayed longer.

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

Udaya Residence Siem Reap a bloggers beauty review

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