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Paleo | My NHS Nutritionist experience

Paleo | My NHS Nutritionist experience abloggersbeauty

Around four weeks ago I had a telephone consultation at my local hospital with a Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian. It is very odd having a three-way conversation on a phone, you’re not really sure when it’s quite your turn to speak.

A month or so prior to this I had a conversation with my doctor about the amount of pain I’ve been in with my PCOS over lockdown and the various flare ups I’d been having and she kindly referred me for an appointment and also for their medical opinion. Scientifically speaking different foods and drinks should not affect PCOS directly. For example, you won’t have a beer then 3 minutes later be in pain because of PCOS. PCOS pain is more of a period pain that will come and go in fits and spurts.

So the phone rang four weeks later and the dietician explained the set up and off the three of us went down the murky garden path of; What happens when you eat this? What have you had for breakfast every day for the last two weeks? How fast do you have to run to the toilet? Do you eat Pizza every night? The list goes on really.

I’d like to say my diet is fairly varied. Over lock down maybe I was a bit naughtier. The takeaways were a bit more often and the snack nights were no longer just Saturdays but that was ok because it got us through. But on the whole, I eat my 5 a day, hardly drink and enjoy my food.

The Dietician explained that it was very likely/ definitely not food causing my PCOS to flare but food causing IBS. IBS and PCOS often go hand in hand and I tell you now it is not a nice thing to have both at all.
Its is a COMMON ABSOLUTE MYTH that IBS means CONSTANTLY running to the toilet every two minutes with a dodgy belly. For some people, yes it can cause stomach upset but because IBS and using the bathroom are often associated together it gets a bit of a bad name. IBS can also have symptoms that start as soon as someone starts to eat such as bloating and stomach cramps.

Queue my Dietician.

She then pretty much diagnosed me with IBS and then proceeded to explain how I need to change my diet to suit.

The word Paleo was bounded about a lot so I frantically googled it whilst on the phone and found I was in for a bumpy ride.

No Sugar, no processed (at all) food, no diary, no legumes, no grains. Basically, a hunter gather diet. If it doesn’t grow in the ground and you can’t shoot it you don’t eat it!

Paleo | My NHS Nutritionist experience abloggersbeauty

I didn’t know where to start. She told me that I must try and have some mild cheddar cheese often and semi skimmed milk in small amounts to keep my calcium levels up (not a problem I love cheese).

At first, I was ready and raring to go but by the end of the call she said this was a lifestyle change and not a diet and she would see me end of November for another assessment.

I did so much research and found a lot of people saying it’s an awful diet and a lot of people saying it’s the healthiest thing ever. So many mixed reviews- but a medical professional wouldn’t have told me to do it if she didn’t think beneficial.

The main thing I found hard is there is not a strict paleo diet. There is nothing that says this is what you should and shouldn’t eat. There are a lot of different versions and because we did not live in paleolithic times it makes it hard for anyone to agree on what is right and what is wrong. Bit like a Brontosaurus.

So I did as close to what the Dietician said and what the general consensus of a Paleo diet is.

I adjusted my online food shop order and got rid of the Cadburys Creations for Peaches and the Crisps for mango’s and cried inside as I clicked ‘Checkout’. I knew it was going to be hard and a long road that needed patience and motivation and most of all… determination.

First of all came the headaches. I started on a Sunday and by Monday my head was pounding. The sugar withdrawal was a real thing. I had heard it can cause it but I was tired and my eyes felt like the scene from Game of Thrones where Oberyn Martell dies.

Sugar detoxing can cause depression, anxiety, sleep interruption, headaches and even cognitive issues. But on Monday the headaches and the cognitive issues were a thing for me.

I had no problem sleeping, the lack of carbs and sugar… well I was out for the count.

It is now 4 weeks on and the cravings are a lot lot less and my body has fully adjusted. Definitely by end of week 1 the side effects had gone and the end of week 2 all cravings were gone. That’s not to say the smell of chocolate does definitely still get me salivating.

Paleo | My NHS Nutritionist experience abloggersbeauty

My first weeks meal plan looked like this and I was so good and stuck to it like glue.

Week 1;


Breakfast- Banana Pancakes served with a handful of strawberries- 1 mashed banana, 1 egg, 2 ½ tbsp ground almonds

-Mango Innocent Smoothie

Lunch:  220g baked sweet potato with tuna, leafy salad with beetroot and pine nuts.

Dinner: Lemon Salmon with homemade sweet potato fries, broccoli and carrots and a poached egg.

Snacks: 1 Large slice of Cheddar Cheese
3L water
2 Green Ginger Teas

Today I had a headache by the end of the day. Very tired but feeling ok.


Breakfast- Banana Pancakes served with a handful of strawberries- 1 mashed banana, 1 egg, 2 ½ tbsp ground almonds

Lunch- Homemade Butternut squash and carrot Soup with 2 slices of cheese

Dinner- Homemade Yaki udon without the noodles and severed with marinated chicken breast and pickled cabbage.

Snacks: 2 slices of cheese. 1 Apple.
Water- 4L
4 Green Ginger Teas

Headache all day today. All I want is carbs. Im sluggish and tired AF and grumpy!! Very grumpy!! I was on the verge of delirious. I forgot most of Evelyn’s bags for nursery, drove totally in the wrong direction, was 20 minutes late and even said ‘Goodbye Tommy’ to her. My brain was cursing me and allllll I could think about was ffffoooodddd.


Breakfast- Apple, Grapes and Strawberry fruit salad

Lunch- The rest of the homemade soup from yesterday. 2 slices of cheese and a glass of mango innocent smoothie.

Dinner- Homemade chilli with extra carrots and peas served in a poxy lettuce leaf (rice where are you?) and a poached egg on top.

Snack: Homemade courgette crisps with salt. 1/3 pack of cashew nuts
3L Water
3 Green Ginger Teas
Headache has gone. Hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craving carbs like It’s going out of fashion!!! Who has lettuce with chilli- I’m angry about it. Still a little delirious.


Breakfast- Banana Pancakes served with a handful of strawberries and a drizzle of local honey- 1 mashed banana, 1 egg, 2 ½ tbsp ground almonds

Lunch- Jacket potato with tuna and a large leaf salad with beetroot and pine nuts and grated carrot

Dinner- Spiral courgette in a cream sauce with prawns

Snacks: Nuts
3L Water
2 Green Ginger Teas

Today was not good. I had a bad day at work then Evelyn had the biggest tantrum she has ever had (honestly) at bedtime for 50 straight minutes!!! I was hungry and emotional. Made dinner and it was disgusting!!! Courgette spaghetti is just rank. Lets be honest it is not a spaghetti substitute. Bath and Bed!

NOTE: Cream clearly is a trigger for me! Note no more cream!

Also woke up at 3 am shakey and starving EXTRA NOTE EAT MORE!!!


Breakfast- Apple

Lunch- very large jacket potato with grated cheese with a massive side salad, beetroot and mango smoothie

Dinner- Bacon and 2 poached Eggs- I was tired and lazy

Snack- Cashews, Carrot Crisps (from Morrisons, tasted like plastic DO NOT recommend)
3L water
2 Green Ginger Teas.

Feeling so tired today but it was an early start. Thursdays are always hard as Evelyn goes to the other side of the county to be looked after so I can work. I leave home at 6 am I get home at 8 pm and I pray that Phil cooks something I can eat. Hence the crappy breakfast and questionable dinner.


Breakfast- Apple, Grapes and Strawberries

Lunch- Buddha bowl- avocardo, prawns, sunflower seeds, salad leaves, flaked cod, broccoli and diced sweet potato all with a chilli seasoning

Dinner- Basa Fillet with a homemade carrot and tomato sauce with diced butternut squash and sweet potato

Snack- Cashews
4L water

Although tired I have started feeling a little clearer today. Could murder a takeaway though.


Breakfast- Mixed Fruit Salad with a little honey

Lunch- Cupboard clear out. I try and do this once a week using up all the open packets and fresh fruit and veg ‘just on the turn’

Dinner- Homemade almond flour quesadillas with chicken, veg and a homemade hummus (not supposed to have the hummus but it was homemade and a one off).

Snack- fruit
3L Water

Today I am tired. I’m not so much craving sugar, I just want a slice of bread and my bed. Hopefully the cravings will dwindle soon right? Thought the delirium has gone, still doing questionable stuff for questionable reasons!

By Sunday I was feeling a lot better and clearer but the brain fog and errors I was making went of for about 2 weeks.

Fast forward to a month in and I’m feeling good. I don’t feel so…’clogged’ so to speak and I definitely sleep better at night.
I have noticed on the days I introduce a little something naughty, even a little, then the reaction is far worse than it used to be. Or maybe I am just more aware of it now. It seems that now my insides have effectively cleansed, my body doesn’t want the bad stuff and instantly rejects it. Which is good in some ways. To top it off I have naturally lost 10lbs too without doing any exercise so win!

I certainly need to broaden my recipe base. I found Deliciously Ella to be really good to start with and although there are a lot of new staple items you’ll need to add to your cupboards they are beyond worth it.

I hope this helps anyone who is suffering or who wanted to find out a little more about Paleo.

Paleo | My NHS Nutritionist experience abloggersbeauty


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