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Making the Best of a Home Workout

Making the Best of a Home Workout a bloggers beauty

I’ve never been one to drag my arse to the gym every other day. I’ve had gym memberships in the past but motivation dwindles quickly. I get bored. Listening to music or a podcast is just not enough for me to endure an hour or two of pain.

Home workouts are a lot easier and more motivating, I think. Quite often ill roll out the yoga mat in the lounge and have YouTube on whilst I work out and that seems to be a lot easier. It is easier, with my lifestyle, to slot in a quick 30mins here and there. Whereas, at the gym, its half hour until you get home and get changed and showered, it just adds to it.

Phil owns weights anyway so that is a good base to have for some workouts and I have recently purchased some resistance bands of varying flexibility(?). Literally £6 from amazon. Between these two things alone you can be in for a very good workout. Even if you don’t have weights resistance bands can really help build your strength.

I have also just started running again going once a week to start with then trying to ultimately go two or three times a week. Not far- I can not run to save my life but I try and push for around 2 miles at the moment which I don’t think is too bad considering I haven’t run in years. I’m hoping in about 3 weeks this will be at 5k which would be nice.

If you’re going to workout at home it is super important to make the most out of it, or really, what’s the point?

I’ve compiled a few things that will give you ideas to make the most out of a home workout so I thought I would share them with you.

For some Listening to Music or a Podcast can be enough to distract the brain from boredom. Some people get really engrossed in their workout and don’t need it but for those that do there are some great workout playlists on Spotify and some great Podcasts on there too actually.
For me YouTube is a savour. Whether it be to follow a workout or to watch music videos. I found Dance Monkey by Tones and I to be great if you are doing an energetic HIIT session. If I am following a workout, for me, it’s either good old Joe Wicks or Pop Pilates by Cassey Ho both are really engaging depending the type of workout you want.

Interval Training is GREAT for families like mine. Not only can I get the kids involved and they don’t get too bored but also it is amazing for if you’re making the dinner too. That break in the middle is enough time to quickly chop and onion, stir the pans or put something else in the oven. For some families multi-tasking is key and really important for a smooth, happy family. There are tonnes of online HIIT video or it’s super easy to make your own up. If you’re prone to getting bored these are great to keep the mind busy. Especially if they involve material things such as weights, rope, skipping rope, resistance bands etc.

Crack out the mirror. Sounds weird but it works well. Working out in front of the mirror often helps you push harder. Seeing the bulging rolls or the bulging muscles can spur you on. But it is also great for getting the technique and form right. So often you can let that slip without someone there to correct or push you harder.

Every single time I do a home workout I still put on the gym kit! I feel like this is super important because it gets your mind frame right! You’re more likely to be motivated and workout hard if you’re not in PJs or jeans.

There’s a few more things which I feel are super important and they kind of all fall into the same category. Accountability, Goals and Competitiveness. I feel that these three and important because they give you a sense of purpose and achievement. Setting yourself goals will give you evidence you are increasing muscle or weight loss or… whatever the desired result. If you make yourself accountable, you’re more likely to do it. Putting it in the diary is a great start or telling a friend. Over lockdown when gyms were shut have ‘Zoom’ workouts with friends worked a treat for some people.

These tips have really helped me to make sure I do It and I do it well.
Ive made a list of the 10 Best Fitness Journals to help you get you on your way too.

Making the Best of a Home Workout a bloggers beauty

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