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10 Best Fitness Planners

New year, New you?!

There’s nothing like the start of the year to take stock of things and get your fitness and weight goals booked in for the year ahead.
If you’re anything like me, you’re a planner. And buying your 2021 planner, in a hope that’ll be actually worth it (unlike 2020, most useless purchase ever), is high on that priorities list.

Health and Fitness goals are usually at the top of everyone’s list as soon as Christmas is out the way and after the year it’s been I have plans to kick 2021’s arse!

The amount of times over the years that I say I am going to do this and don’t is … a lot to be frank. One thing I have found in the past that works incredibly well is making myself accountable for it. Logging it and ticking the darn thing off when it’s done. It gives that sense of achievement and you can look back and think, yeh I did good this month.

So I have put together 10 Best Fitness Planners to get you ready and prepped to hit the ground running on January 1st.

  1. Blogilates 2021 Fit Planner by Cassey Ho – $39 (£29.93)

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

This is number one on my list as it is the ultimate package in a planner. Featuring; Jan-Dec pages, Daily mood sleep, water and food tracker, weekly grocery lists, monthly prep pages and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reviews to name just a few. For the first time ever Cassey offers a Orange Bound Planner or a Pink Bound planner with a beautifully gold coil binding. Every year this sells out, because it works and I am so happy I have got it pre-ordered! Delv est 16/11.

2. Joy Wellness Journal from Papier – £24.99

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

Although not technically a fitness planner but a wellness planner, I feel you can incorporate the two very well. The planner is all about achieving your goals and checking in with yourself giving YOU the driving seat of your own happiness. This planner also contains a section for Gratitude which I feel something very passionate about.

3. Clever Fox Ultimate Achiever’s Goal Planner -£24.99

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

A 13 week ultimate achiever’s planner, aka 90 days. The planner is a sleek design with a fine finish. Studies show that 90 days is the ultimate duration for achieving goals making this planner a great starting point for those that don’t want to commit to 12 months. The option of 7 different colours is a great touch to broaden their customer base too. Boasting their S.M.A.R.T Goals slogan Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound, the company has taken a lot of time and care to get this one right. Comping complete with a couple of sheets of stickers helping you to create a bright interior. Personally, if I hadn’t’ committed to the 12 months Blogilates planner this would have be a good 90 day choice!

4. Getting Stuff Done by CGDLondon – £28

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

A Vegan leather bound planner that is available in black or pink. The planner includes a plan page for each day and sections to enter what you eat throughout the day too. You are able to use the pages to set goals and plan up coming events. There is a small section for self care and personal notes too which is great for those on the go all day everyday.

5. Workout Log Personalised Training Diary by Workout Log Gym – £7.99

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

At the cheaper end of the scale we have the Workout Log Diary. With this diary you are able to log what you eat and what you do every single day. This is aimed at someone that is going to or already does would out a lot. If you have a personal trainer this is a great way of logging what you do. If not it is a great way to write down your own workouts and stick to them. The layout is very simple and included tick boxes for things like Reps and weights etc to really make it as easy for you to complete as possible. Although not ‘leather bound’ or ‘outstanding material quality’ it is affordable and does the job.

6. Fitbook by Fitlosophy– £20

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

A square planner that is all about fitness basically. The Fitbook is a 12 week fitness planner offers a reward system with tips and inspiration to keep you motivated and on track. There are weekly planning pages to set goals, plan workouts and meals for the week ahead. you can also record workouts daily to track progress, including space to record strength training, cardio, classes and flexibility. Ultimately this gives you the option to document everything fitness.

7. DailyGreatness Training Journal – £29.95

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

This is the first fitness planner that I have seen that includes a section for ‘What I like about my body’ and I absolutely love that. There is no ‘what do I want to change’ etc it is purely motivational on getting you happy and falling in love with your body again yet helping you achieve those goals too. The combination of the two is very hard to do but this planner does it very well. The daily pages will guide you to create healthy habits through the eight daily steps of training, diet & food journaling, meditation, gratitude, intentions, stretching, health tips and self-awareness.

8. Wellness Journal by Papier – £24.99

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

This wellness planner covers lots of different aspects in making you feel positive. There are pages for reflecting on your mindful goals, habits, meals, water intake, sleep and the things you’re grateful for. The goals section is great for logging workouts or the activity section could also be used to log fitness. Although not a fitness planner this is a great planner for your happy and healthy journey and one that will ultimately leave you feeling accomplished. This is great if you want to dabble with a fitness planner as it is very versatile.

9. Personal Planner£19.90-39.90

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

The Personal Planner is a little different from all the other planners in this post. This one, you get to build yourself. From size of the book to the amount of pages and content, you get to more or less totally design it yourself. This will appeal to so many different levels of fitness and even someone who wants to combine a fitness planner with diary. Price depends on what you add to it and there is even an option to add accessories and stickers!

10. Fitness Journal by Happiness Planner – £10.00

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

What I like about this journal from Happiness Planner is that its quite minimalistic. Although it doesn’t offer the options to set your goals etc it’s a great journal for logging exactly what you have done and what you plan to do for the week or month. It is hard backed and A5 in size which is enough to give a decent space to right each workout down.

On lockdown or working from home? Making the best out of a home workout is now available for a read.

10 Best Fitness Planners a bloggers beauty

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