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Four Ways You Can Maximise The Space In Children’s Rooms

The youngest children in the household are often given the smallest room or asked to share with an older sibling. However, children tend to come with a whole load of things, and that needs space. Their rooms are the only place int he family house that they are able to call their own, therefore it is important for you to maximise the space. 

Four Ways You Can Maximise The Space In Children's Rooms a bloggers beauty

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Whether it’s creating more scape in the box room of the house or maximising the space in a shared room, these tips should help: 

Think About The Bed 

When your children are young, they will, of course, be limited to the type of bed they are ale to have, however, as they grow so do your options. For example, once your eldest child reaches six you could consider bunk beds from Cuckooland to give them their own private sleeping environment and ass more space to the ground. And when you are comfortable and certain they can get in and out of bed safely, you could consider a mid-sleeper with underfloor play space in a small room on their own. 

Maximise The Storage 

If you have older children, you will already understand how much storage children need. You should never underestimate this and plan for it as much as possible. Build as more storage as you can and plan it carefully. Think about your child collecting things as they grow. You may want to think about adding under bed storage, shelving, hooks, and bookshelves. Explicit any unused space for storage, and you will be thankful. 

Use The Space Under The Window 

This is an area that gets forgotten about, however, it’s a hidden gem when you are looking for some extra space. When space is tight, don’t be afraid to position the bed under the window, just make sure it’s locked and the key removed for safety. Fit blackout blind that prevents the early morning waking them before they need to, and make sure the curtains don’t dangle down to where they sleep. 

De-Clutter And Keep On Top Of It 

You can make any space look bigger just by de-cluttering. Using built-in cupboards and using plenty of storage options will help you to achieve this, however, it’s essential for you to sort through your children’s things often. They grow out of clothes, bedding becomes tatty, they have toys they don’t use any more, they have toys that are missing parts, etc. Keep on top of it and you will ensure your space is used well. It might be a good idea to set yourself a day each month to de-clutter and sort out their rooms, include them in the process and as they get older you can include it as one of their chores. 

Do you have any children at home with small rooms or sharing? What do you do to make sure you are maximising the space in their rooms? Please share some of your top tips and great ideas with us in the comments below. 


Four Ways You Can Maximise The Space In Children's Rooms a bloggers beauty

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