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Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty

Since the summer I have been thinking so much more about myself and what I am putting into my body. You would have seen from previous posts about my relationship with foods hasn’t really been plain sailing. So, I wanted to take some time to focus on myself. Firstly, it was the food and the things I was putting into my body, then came the items I was using to clean it and preserve it with. All my lotions and potions completely changed.
Then, after all that, I was left with this gaping hole. I was searching for something, something that would make me feel more me, something that would put me in touch with myself. I was existing and not really living, so caught up with the motions of what I should and shouldn’t be doing and I had forgotten who I was and lost in what I had become.

I follow a lot of inspirational accounts on social media, none which ever actually inspire me but, there in the background, were two accounts I had followed from day dot of joining social media. One was Cassey Ho a Pilates and fitness instructor and the other was Sally Mustang, an artist in more ways than paint.
I have been so drawn to these two people for so long. Two people that cared for their bodies differently, that saw their lives differently to others and looked at life differently…and just like that I woke up.
I realised that this was it. These two incredible women were so connected to their bodied (albeit so differently) and Sally being so connected with nature and the Earth I realised it was what I had longed for.
As random as it sounds, I now know it was Spirituality that had been calling me into the unknown (sorry Elsa) for so long.

Spirituality feels different for everyone and means different things for the individual. For some people it is living a life devoted to the god of choice, for others it is spells and curses, for some it is the feeling of knowing yourself and phycology… the list is endless. Everyone interrupts it differently.

Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty

This is the start of my Spiritual journey.

I thought at first, where do I start? Then I realised, it’s not really like that. I sat down and just thought, literally just let all the thoughts I had whirl around my head, for what seemed like an age and I realised I need to be drawn. I need to be pulled in… what pulls me in.

Without even realising, the previous week I had ordered some crystal necklaces and it hadn’t even dawned on me the real reasons why. I had been drawn. Yes, ascetically they were pretty, but really, I had bought them for what they symbolised and what their energies could do.
I ventured to the various book shelves we have and found 2 books that I needed to dust off, a book about Hygge and a book about ikigai. This would be where I would start.

I believe very much in karma and the suns energy and the power of certain things. It was time to start letting it in.

For the past week Evelyn and I have been in isolation. Although, I have had to bring the office home with me and look after Evelyn, I set aside 15-20 mins each day to do a few weights and Yoga and I feel so much better for it already. Every morning I used to wake up with back ache and this has really really helped. The stretching and the appreciation of the muscles that supports my body, brings me so much energy and appreciation. I’ll be writing a post soon about the Yoga (stay tuned).
The way that my body does or doesn’t move all of a sudden appears to have heightened feeling. By this I mean that, now, I feel that with each stretch or movement I feel my body give to is passionately and with a wanting for better. Imagine eating sugar and carbs non-stop and no fruit or veg for a week. At the end of it your body craves that veg (well mine does any way) and as soon as you consume it it’s like your body is in relief mode and it enjoys the nourishment. You can almost feel it touch your soul. That’s how the Yoga is leaving me feeling. It’s like my body has yearned for it for so long, not just physically but emotionally too. It’s not a chore or something I make myself do, it’s something I want to do and look forward to.

That’s how I know this the course I need. Maybe for now, maybe forever. Who knows, but this is my now and it’s interesting, it’s fun and it’s making me feel exactly how I need to feel.

Last week when I glanced out the window, I noticed we had a full Beaver’s moon. My new necklaces were on the windowsill and they were so incredibly cold to touch. Not in a normal ‘I’ve been by the window’ sort of cool, but in a eerie way. I actually had to google this one and to my wondrous belief I found they were ‘charging’, the full moon was reigniting their energies. Some will roll their eyes at this point, but you didn’t feel it, or see its wonder.
I had to look into this more.
The very next day an email hit my inbox from a company called Baozi Jewellery… coincidence? I think not. The world gives you what you need exactly when you need it. This was not an opportunity I could turn down, it was the sign if ever there was one.

Checking out their website I saw this and I was incredibly overwhelmed.

‘We believe that the value of gemstone is not defined by what the marketing campaign tells you, but the intimate relationships between you and the gemstones.’

This was it, it doesn’t matter what other people tell you or judge you for doing or believing, if you feel it and your body wants it… there is no question, you have to follow it!

Currently offering a ‘Tao collection’, Baozi clearly shows a distinctive eastern aesthetic mixed with a nordic style. The philosophy behind the collection has roots in ancient stories that talk about a time when East and West met.
There is so much behind every single item they offer.

Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty

Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty

The jewellery is an alternative to your diamond and metals. These pieces are pure, they are honest and they are moving.
I could not tear my eyes away from ‘The sound of one hand clapping‘ piece. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is the riddle by the 18-century monk Hakuin. It got me thinking, thinking hard. The thought of what that would sound like and the depiction of what it actually meant.

‘…to open up the mind to the uncommon, unknown and seemingly unsolvable parts of life and guide us to enlightenment’

It was where I was. The uncommon, unknown. I was diving in with no idea what to expect, yet, I was guiding myself down the path of enlightenment.

The bracelet contains flower Jade. For those that do not know, flower jade was considered the ‘imperial gem’ in China. It was believed to be more valuable than any gold or silver.

Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty

‘Nephrite jade in New Zealand is known as pounamu in the Māori language, and is highly valued, playing an important role in Māori culture. It is considered a taonga, or treasure, and therefore protected under the Treaty of Waitangi.’
It is one of the oldest gemstones in the world and one I hoped would guide me with its wisdom. Nephrite jade is said to be a dream stone because of its support to love, devotion and fidelity. It also promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When I had done my research and found these things out, I was honestly speechless. I had instantly been drawn to what I had needed. How can you say that is a coincidence?

The name ‘The Sound of one hand clapping’, the gem stones it was built with, the meaning, the energy… it was all right for me.

If you feel drawn to any of the bracelets from Baozi Jewellery you can get 15% off with my code A BLOGGERS BEAUTY 15.

This path I am venturing on you may laugh at, you may not agree with or you may think is ridiculous. But until you ventured in and seen it and felt it you just don’t know and don’t understand.
Some people like science and fact and proof they can see and touch. People too often don’t trust what they feel and that is exactly where people, including myself, have gone wrong for too long.

Hopefully in ten years’ time you’ll find me in a cabin, in the back of beyond, living off what I have grown. Stereotypical, I don’t care. Girl gotta’ have dreams and these are mine.

This path is beautiful and empowering. What path will you choose?


Spirituality A New Path Baozi Jewellery a bloggers beauty


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