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It has only been since lockdown that I have really truly realised the importance of being happy and healthy. I feel like both are a journey and ones that aren’t always easy. You may roll your eyes right now about this realisation, but actually, it is only when you truly want something it all becomes clear. Yes, it is obvious but it is 100% a complete frame of mind.
If you’re not in the right head space you won’t want it and your body won’t necessarily crave it.

As you’ve seen in my previous writing, I’ve been too and throw with the dietician trying to establish exactly is going on. Intolerances and IBS have all been banded about and now they are going dow the Coeliac route. Unfortunately to get a coeliac diagnosis there’s a lot of different tests but we are awaiting a blood test. Having totally changed my diet as per the dietician a few months ago, at the end of November I was told I had to go back to eating everything I had been told not to eat. The pain came back, the tiredness came back, the irritability came back… not just that it came back with vengeance. My insides were crying out for clean good whole foods and gluten was like a curse word.
6 whole weeks of eating like this, at least I can eat whatever I want over Christmas (the only upside).

As much as it’s nice eating all the naughtiness my body craves the healthier style and I never realised it until I was made to do it and then go back to ‘normal’.

Recently I have been doing daily Yoga too, only 10-15mins but by god it feels so good. After the first few sessions I stopped waking up in the mornings achy and I knew that my body was like “yes, this is what we need”.
I have also been trying to do some weights, not a huge amount but enough to make my arms ache a little the next day. Although that doesn’t give me energy etc my muscles/ ego (lol) love being able to do more and more each time. It feel so satisfying.

I’ve been trying to do more morning walks too before work, although they aren’t always feasible with timings and various isolations etc, but a walk in the woods at the rise of the day gives you untold energy. I have been finding it is making me feel more grateful for the little things in life too and less materialistic that’s for sure. Breathing in the oxygen from the trees on a cold morning really fills your lungs with a different kind of air. It’s an air that gets to the deep creases of your lungs you didn’t know was there, it gives to the light to shine the way as cliche as it sounds. It feels like a cleansing or clearing of the mind. I love it. It’s stealing back the time we would feel with ‘busying’ ourselves.

Ultimately all these things have a knock on effect and have been making me so much happier. When I had to change my diet back a few weeks ago I instantly felt tired, sucked of energy, now my body has adjusted a little but it feels clogged and yuck on the inside and ready for these tests to be done.

Im feeling so at one with nature recently and feeling so connected to the earth. Although 2020 hasn’t been an easy year it has reset me and realigned my desires and needs and made me open my eyes and heart to what I already have and the world to offer. I feel like my feet are finally back on the floor and I know which direction I am going in for a change!
The Winter Solstice is upon us and I can feel it’s fresh start coming and I am excited!

Do you have any 2021 plans to be happier?

Stronger Happier Healthier A bloggers beauty



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  1. 20/01/2021 / 10:59 am

    What a positive and uplifting post! Thank you for sharing all your feel-good tips. I also love yoga every day (I’m currently working through the 30 day journey ‘breath’ by Yoga with Adriene (free on YouTube) and I highly recommend it/her.
    I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling with your intolerances and digestive issues. Have you already tried a low FODMAP diet? It’s restrictive at first, but very calming for your gut and there are lots of delicious recipes over at https://alittlebityummy.com/ and https://funwithoutfodmaps.com/. I found the main things that helped me were cutting out onion, garlic and gluten. Anyway, I hope with the help of your dietician you can get to the bottom (no pun intended!) of what’s causing you issues and get it sorted.

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