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Taking a look at natural ethical products with Organic Savanna

Organic Savanna review a bloggers beauty

I have never been so obsessed with natural products. Looking after my bodies biggest organ means more to me than it ever has. Over the past nine or ten months I have been more and more aware, and ultimately shocked, at the amount of chemicals and metals we put on our skin without even knowing it.
Think of your usual moisturiser, it may be an expensive brand, it may be a well known brand or it may be something you have made. Look what’s inside… I bet you can’t understand or even know what some of those things are. Google them. you’ll be shocked. When we rub a moisturiser into our skin and our skin absorbs it, that moisturiser ends up inside of you, in your body.

‘The laws governing cosmetics and personal care products are so limited that known cancer-causing chemicals, or carcinogens, are legally allowed in personal care products. Some carcinogens, such as formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, are common in personal care products.’

Disgusted and shocked yet?

I was.

In December I was contacted by a social enterprise called Organic Savanna, who, not only care about what they are putting into their products but about the people who make them too.

Organic Savanna review a bloggers beautyy

Organic Savanna is a brand that truly cares. They are a Kenyan social enterprise with a mission to empower local communities to develop. There is so much incredible hardship and unemployment in Kenya and in response Organic Savanna was born. They wanted to find a way of empowering local women and help their families to thrive. They planted 30,000 aloe vera plants and started making ethical skincare products with the richest ingredients available around East Africa. They also reinvest 100% of their profits directly back into the communities – educating children, cleaning up the streets, employing women and building up the local economy.

‘The African continent is home to some of the world’s richest raw ingredients – We want to ensure that farmers and communities that harvest our ingredients and produce our products are directly impacted by the profits. Local communities are involved at every stage of our production from harvest to sale.’

It is rare to find a company that truly 100% give back what they make and this is what Organic Savanna is all about.

When I heard about this social enterprise they truly touched my heart. It was a shock and amazement that their are companies like this out there that we can actually support. Ethical, Vegan and all completely natural- what’s not to like. Ultimately they give jobs to mothers and educate their children. The products they sell are made by hand an in small batches meaning that mothers are not on their feet 16 hours a day for pennies to feed their families.

The products speak for themselves. Arriving in a box with no plastic was the first tick they received from me. The bottles themselves are brown glass and easily reusable for other things too.

Organic Savanna review a bloggers beauty

Hand Lotion: Shea and Macadamia 7oz £24

The hand lotion is my favourite of the products I tried out. Smelling so rich in natural flavours and really nourishing my hands I wanted to use it hourly, no lie. The lotion absorbs well and doesn’t leave your hands sticky or tacky yet still leaving your hands smooth and soft. I also found that the lotion is REALLY hydrating in the respect that the next day you could tell my hands were still happy.
So many times you moisturise to find just within a few hours your hands need it again, especially with hand sanitising more recently. However, this lotion just, well…works!

The natural formula is packed with African shea butter and essential oils that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which aid that nourishment all day long.

Handwash: African Cedar and Orange 7oz £19

There is no way other than to explain the scent of this one that woody orange. It is a truly beautiful scent that lingers and makes you want to wash your hands more just to smell it.
There is only five ingredients in this hand wash; Orange Oil, Cedar Oil, Glycerin, Eucalyptus Citriodora and Eucalyptus Camaldulensis.
Again, this one comes in a lovely ethical brown glass bottle that you can reuse if you wish.

Organic Savanna review a bloggers beauty

Daily Essentials Gift Kit £16

This the last item I tried was a Gift Kit containing two of the most popular products; An Aloe and Avocado soap and Baobab Lip Balm. Arriving in a beautiful brown box (no plastic) the duo really packs a punch. This is the perfect little gift that I have just absolutely loved and loved. I also ordered a few of these for gifts for Christmas for some like minded friends and they absolutely love it. Although only a small gift the sentiment and the way in which it is made is all part of the gifting.

The soaps scent is so delicate and fresh you feel and smell clean and not ‘chemically clean’ for a change.

Organic Savanna review a bloggers beauty

I am not usually a fan of Lip Balm but this balm just smells so so good. It is creamy and calming and contains beeswax too (ethically sourced) and we all know the benefits of beeswax, the list is endless.

Organic Savanna do so many other products too scubas Shampoo, Exfoliating Coffee soaps, Woven baskets and Candles to name a few.

It is very rare that I come across a company or a social enterprise or whatever, where the products and ethics behind the making are just so mind blowing and so wow.

It is only when you move over to natural products, whether it be for skincare or haircare or whatever, that you really realise how different chemical products are and how bad they are for you. How your skin feels after using these products from Organic Savanna is how your skin should feel!

You can get 15% off your order with my code ABB15. Valid from 1/1 – 31/3. Head over to their website here.


Organic Savanna review a bloggers beauty

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