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Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories

Finding a brand that draws in all the natural ingredients the world has to offer can be hard. Rubbing up against a lavender bush, lets be honest, is only going to end in bee stings and probably a rash.
I have found it really hard to find a even balance between natural and products that actually work.

Life is busy, more so than ever right now and my skincare regime has taken a back seat for far too long. It really is hard to find 5 minutes, these days, to sit down and take care of your skin, until to actually do it and then you realise you did in fact have the time but just didn’t know it or were to lazy.
That being said I need quick and easy in my life and that’s where Aroma Active stepped in.

Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

Aroma Active are a new brand, recently launched in Boots that focus around your wellbeing through their products.

The product range is split into four categories; Sleep, Muscle, SOS and Soothe. Nearly all the range is vegan too (winner).

‘The brand unites the powerful and therapeutic
benefits of modern aromatherapy with natural active ingredients to enhance physical,
mental and emotional wellbeing.’

Sleep is for those days you just can’t nod off, or stress wakes you in the middle of the night. The combination of various oils such as Ylang Ylang, known for its sedative effects, make for a great base for the products.

Muscle is for everyday aches and pains, twinges and strains.

SOS is natures pharmacy, for when youre rundown and need a fast problem solver and effective pick me up.

Soothe is for when your skin is freaking out and flaring up, sore, painful or inflamed and needs some TLC.

I decided to give an item from each of the categories a try to see if they really stuck to what they claim to do.

Muscle Cooling Gel 100ml £12

Muscle cooling gel is great for the runners or the gym goers but for someone that sits on their arse like me…not so much. having said that this month I am back on the band wagon with exercise and have set myself a few challenges so this will be coming in to use very soon and ill update my review as I go.
The Muscle Cooling Gel gives instant relief and recovery post workout. It also is great for general stiffness and tired limbs. The gel includes turmeric (don’t worry it won’t stain your skin) which is has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It also includes rosemary, lavender and marjoram to name a few. The tube has a long roller ball on the end so you can simply run it over your skin rather than rub it in, perfect for those on the go.

Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

Soothing Universal Repair Cream £10

A cream to help calm and rebuild dry or irritated skin. Smelling of lavender, blue tansy, immortelle and patchouli this cream is going to make your skin feel so much happier. This cream is available in Light or Rich.

SOS Stomach Massage Oil £12

A product which has blown my mind. Recently my stomach has been all over the place, this massage oil is amazing. Made up from Camomile, lemon and peppermint, (to name a few), this is easily one of the easiest massages you’ll ever give yourself. Under the lid is a roller ball making the massage itself super easy to administer and the consistency is not greasy and in need of rubbing in. The oil soothes gut discomfort fast and effectively.

Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

Tube Winding Key £6

Something I’ve been meaning to get for about ten years and just never remember or got round to buying. A tube winding key simply allows you to place over the end of a tube of product or toothpaste or whatever and allow you to get out every single last drop minimising wastage. This particular one from Aroma Active has a descent size handle too which allows you to wind tightly making the most of your product. Made of metal and not plastic, this one is sure to last.

Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

SOS Forehead Balm £8

This one was going to have to wow me. I am a lover of the itWorks Stress check rollerball so to use a different one… it had to be more than good or….thumbs down. With aromas of Eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint it is already different from the other which was primarily lavender. However, known for their cooling and calming properties it offers a natural, uplifting relief from tree and tension. Although I felt like it did nothing for my stress this product definitely got rid of the tension I was feeling and brought me back down to a manageable level. My husband also used this and agreed it should now be a staple item in the house. Winner!

Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

Sleep Salt Soak £15

I have never been one that’s needed ‘rocking to sleep’ so to speak (minus the baby years of course when I was a nightmare apparently). However, since the start of 2020 it’s not been great. So many life stresses to contend with have left me not getting a wink until 3am one too many times. Sleep salt soak are salt granolas you add to your bath that dissolve rapidly. They are Epsom salts that contain added aromas to help you relax and feel sleepy such as Lavandin, Ylang Ylang, Buddhawood and Valerian.

Aroma Active have really opened my eyes to using more products with natural healing in them. The various aroma therapy used dates back thousands of years to when our cave man ancestors used plants and natural items to heal in the wilderness. We need to draw some of their wisdom and open our eyes to a new way of ‘getting better/ getting well’ rather than taking pills at the onset of an ache.

This is a small selection from the range and Aroma Active have a lot of other products to offer. Head over to Boots website to see some more.


Discovering Aroma Active Laboratories a bloggers beauty

(please note taking medication from doctors should not be stopped and any change to medication should be discussed with your GP).

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