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This review has been a hell of a long time coming and I cannot apologise enough for that. June and the beginning of July seem to have run away with me completely ans the weeks are disappearing in front of my eyes. However, reasons for this will be explained in due course.
On to the matter in hand. In June we saw National Best Friend Day and iiaa sent me the most gorgeous box of goodies. One thing I praise iiaa for so so highly is their presentation. They take so much care and consideration into every single package and it does not go unnoticed. This particular package was a gorgeous metal almost medicine box. The grey and copper worked beautifully and I couldn’t help but think ‘photoshoot’! So here are a few shots courtesy of Tom Miller.

iiaa a bloggers beautyiiaa a bloggers beautyiiaa a bloggers beautyiiaa a bloggers beauty

I am not going to go on too much about the companies themselves in this review as I have done a few reviews for iiaa and repeating is not pretty. So to find out a little more about the companies check out my previous reviews here.
Environ, as you all know, are a huge love of mine and I was very excited to see a dose of their Hydrating Oil Capsules in my box. It contains antioxidants and vitamin A in an easily absorb-able oil-based formula. Having oily skin I did expect it to make me break out a little but this was not the case here. It leaves your skin super soft and smelling glorious.
The second Environ item I received is the RAD SPF sunscreen. ‘The sun filters and sun reflectants contained in this product provide a SPF 15 while natural antioxidant vitamins increase sun protection and assist in fighting free-radicals.’ I love how this isn’t just a sunscreen. Environ always seem to dd in that little something else to make the product stand out from the crowd. I do think their packaging can make this look a little pharmaceutical, however, the product inside is anything but! The summer so far has been super hot and I have been using this daily as a kind of pre-makeup primer. It actually sits really well under makeup and protects you all day long. Obviously if you are laying on a sun-lounger and not at work (like most of us) remember to re-apply every few hours.

iiaa a bloggers beautyiiaa a bloggers beauty

Oh why do Jane Iredale just keep on getting better and better. I want to set the record straight. I hate lipgloss- I know shock horror. Every time I go to wear it I have vision from White Chicks where her hair gets stuck in her mouth as she flicks it. HOWEVER (!), these lip glosses are none sticky and last surprisingly well. I was super shocked at how well to be honest and lets just say I may be a convert. The Martini shade looks so natural yet so classy.
The second item beautifully boxes was Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen. When I opened this I did mutter ‘WTF’. Am I the only one that has never heard of Dry Sunscreen? It looks like powder foundation and you apply it like it also. However, it doesn’t sit on the skin like makeup does. It is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes and is totally chemical free. It has an SPF of 30 and can also be used to soothe sunburn. I am still unsure of this product but only because it feels a little weird adding powder to my face as sunscreen? It works fantastically- I cannot fault it and I am sure perseverance will help. Remember again if you lounging in the sun re-apply every couple of hours.

iiaa a bloggers beauty

Now the Skin Accumax came with a really cure little pill pot to put your day needs in which I thought was a lovely added touch. I have passed this product on to my sister to review who will be updating this post shortly.

I really look forward to receiving packages from iiaa and it is clear why. The products are just so perfect every time. I wonder what the next package will have in store. To purchase any of these beautiful quality products head over to www.vitaminskincare.co.uk .



In life there are certain things we do or say without really thinking. Some people will eat meat without realising Cows are the main cause of greenhouse gases and some people will use aerosol deodorants without realising they cause cancer. We, as people, need to realise what we are putting into our bodies or onto our skin before it too late.

Lotus Therapies Whitstable have introduced me to their Love Your Pits Handmade Deodorant.

Lotus Therapies WhitstableLotus Therapies WhitstableLotus Therapies Whitstable

I thought I would do a mini diary like timeline review as it will enable you guys to see how I progressed with the product. Because the product draws toxins out of the body it, at first, has to work quite hard, so the first few days takes perseverance.

Day 1
I applied this balm like deodorant at around 7:30 this morning. I have an office job so my work isn’t too sweaty and today was not a work out day. By maybe 3pm I did question myself as to if I had even remembered to put it on this morning but I had. Today I think I did smell a bit BO like for a little bit if I am honest, there are a lot of toxins to draw out from years of damaging deodorants.

One thing to note straight away is this is a deodorant not an anti perspirant! The difference? Deodorant is used to mask Body Odour where as an Anti-perspirant is considered a “drug” because it actually temporarily changes the function of the skin, suppressing the flow of sweat!

Day 3
Day 3 is work out day. I am going to be honest, I did pack my normal anti-persperant just in case things got bad. However, halfway through my hour HIIT session things did get bad but I persevered and thought, meh everyone’s sweaty and smelling right now.

Day 5
I am beginning to notice that this stuff actually works. It has a subtle scent, you don’t need to use much and you can always re-apply throughout the day. I am genuinely shocked. How is this magic working?

Day 10
I wanted to wait another week or so before re-evaluating. The product does work and I will continue to use it. Workout days I will take with me to re-apply where needed but I am ok with this. As a whole this product lets your pits breathe and not smell too horrific either.

The health benefits of this product are amazing. You are applying deodorant… anti-perspirant or whatever you use direct into your axillary lymph nodes! How is spraying chemical into that gland healthy?? There are many controversial studies that suggest the aluminium in these cans cause cancer when applied how we use them, but, you can do the research on that one and form your own opinions.
Nothing chemical is healthy for the body and that is why I have made the change to Handmade Natural deodorant!

This product has actually been given the Bronze Award in the Green parent Natural Beauty Awards 2017!! How incredible is that!

Head over to their gorgeous website to see all of their natural products and get a cheeky 10% off using my code BLOGGBEAUTY!



Summer is here and in full swing. Recently the weather has been glorious and Glossybox are welcoming their Hello Summer box. I was shocked to open my package to find a coral box with gold lettering, it is stunning and so vibrant! This month is all about summer must haves and this box is a real mix of samples and full size products. It is definitely the one to buy this month!

Glossybox July 2017

If you are new to Glossybox then here is a little info. As you have probably gathered Glossybox is a beauty subscription service. Each month, it delivers a wide and varied selection of 5 beauty treats that include niche, high-end and emerging brands. I love this because you can get some good old faithful products yet try some things you would never normally buy. The latest trends are taken into account with every single box to bring you reusable and stylish boxes full of beauty essentials.
There are 4 different ways to subscribe to Glossybox starting from as low as £9.50! Choose between a monthly rollover box (cancel any time), a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-paid subscription.

Glossybox July 2017Glossybox July 2017Glossybox July 2017Glossybox July 2017Glossybox July 2017

So lets have a look at contents. This month sees a variety of products to cover pretty much most aspects of the summer. Hair care, skin care and makeup with tools… perfection.

Firstly lets take a look at the Spectrum Collection Fan Brush. his gorgeous brush works perfectly with the banana setting powder in the box! I personally love using mine for highlighter on my upper cheek bone. It glides over really nicely and is so super soft.

MONUspa Soothing Aftersun lotion contains a good dose of Aloe. Perfect for any aftersun. Everyone knows when you’re wearing aftersun as it has that after sun smell. This one smells a bit differently- in a good way. It also contains shea butter, vitamin E and calms sun burned skin. I will definitely be taking this on my travels.

I love Papanga Spiral Hair Bands so to receive 2 of these in my box I was super happy. They are a hair band which do not damage your hair. We all have those ties with excessive hair on them but these are super kind to your hair.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder- unfortunately this is not one I can review. I am actually allergic to bananas- weird I know, but I am not taking any chances.

Who doesn’t love a Cutebalsm Macaroon Tint Balm. This one is crushed cherry and smells lovely. You can also use it on your cheeks too. It is so nourishing and is going straight in my hand bag.

The Hello Summer box has got to be one of my favourite edits from Glossybox so far this year. The vibrant colours, the fantastic products, the curation… absolute perfection. Any one of these products can easily be used in your summer skincare/ makeup routine with amazing effects. The value for money has got to be up their with one of their highest boxes. The brush alone retails for £4.99 alone. My love of Spectrum brushes is just unsightly and I feel Glossybox are fueling my addiction even more now! I think this box is going to really hit with other bloggers and other skincare and makeup addicts also. I’ve got a feeling Glossybox are going to have a lot more subscribers by the end of the month.

If you would like to get your paws on this gorgeous box of goodies with a cheeky 50% off!!!!!!! Then simply click here and enter code ‘SUMMER’ at the checkout or for Ireland type ‘JULY’!




I seemed to be in and out of London every weekend last month but I was so busy and unfortunately couldn’t quote squeeze in a visit to see the gorgeous people over at iiaa Ltd for their Reset Your Routine VIP Event ( sad face). However, they were so very kind enough to send me everything I missed out on and it just made me more sad to have missed the event. The product selection looks amazing and I now have the pleasure of introducing them to you.

Say hello to three companies; Advanced Nutrition, Environ and Jane Iredale. These are three companies that iiaa liaise with to come up with the best products possible. If you saw my last blog about the companies you will know how much I am in love!

(Drum roll please) In our top makeup spot we have three wonderful products from Jane Iredale. A Palette, A Lipstick and an Eyeliner. Now this makeup is vastly becoming my go to for quite literally everything. I always used to have such  varied makeup back with practically every single thing from different companies. However, now, my makeup variation is becoming limited and Jane Iredale is slowly starting to take up the majority.
If I am honest I am really shocked to see a Powdered Eyeliner. I haven’t really ever heard of a powder liner but maybe that is me being naive. I found this product to be really hard to apply but that is probably me just being ‘cackhanded’ but I found it stayed on really well once applied. I will persevere with this one as I have high hopes for it.
The palette, as always, is delightful. The perfect shade for a good smokey eye that will last hours. There is nothing more to say about this palette apart from buy it!
Next off the package presents a glorious bright red lipstick. Like Taylor swift red! It is so utterly creamy and beautiful. I find the majority of Jane Iredale products to be reasonably pigmented- this included which means it lasts the majority of the day.
I’d be interested to see how their loose powder and foundations fair with pigmentation.

Environ! Oh you are a love of mine. If you saw my last iiaa post you will know that the body profile is something we have seen before.  This is a light, nourishing oil that contains vitamins A, C & E which assists and relieve sun damaged skin. This product is extremely nourishing and quite oily which means you really don’t need a lot. It is not oily in the respect it leaves your skin greasy it simply leaves your skin feeling the best it can. I don’t have hugely sun damaged skin – just a little sun blemishes on my shoulders, however, It has really helped in keeping them feeling soft and smooth with no dryness at all.
The Skin EsseentiA is a moisutriser that re-balances your skin. It also assists in nourishing and conditioning the skin, gives the skin a healthy and radiant glow and also improves the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and the appearance of sun-damaged skin. I try to alternate my time between these two products as they both work so well in their different ways.
The whole Environ range looks incredible and I am so excited for the company to grow.

I have saved the biggest product until last as I feel this one has had the most dramatic effect on my life. This is the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skincare Ultimate 28 day pod challenge. Each individual pod contains 5 tablets that help you get all the vitamins you need for full beauty. Vitamin A + D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3 + 6, Biotin  Astaxanthin, COQ10 and Pine Bark Extract. I feel my hair is thicker, my skin is radiant, my nails are stronger. I have been taking this for around 14 days now and am really really noticing the difference. If you haven’t already tried any products from ANP this is the one that is going to turn your life around! This is the one you need in your life!

A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in putting this glorious package together. There are not many times that products have left me speechless but this package did!!! Keep an eye out on my blog for my next beautiful package from iiaa.

As a cheeky little summer gift you can now get 15% off all the brands shown above at www.vitaminskincare.co.uk with my code RESET15



June has come around so quickly and my life has been turned upside down this month. My brain is all over the place and all I need is a little TLC! Dollibox has arrived in my hands and it is exactly what I needed. Do you ever have those months when you open a subscription box and you just say ‘YES’ and you’ll use everything and you know the products are going to be amazing. Well this happened for me this month with Dollibox. They just seem to be in my head recently and know exactly what I need and want. So without further ado I present to you Junes Box….

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Dollibox is a monthly subscription box for £10 plus £3.90 p&p. You can either get a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or one-off boxes. The content of the boxes are a surprise. Dollibox uses your beauty profile to send you products most suited to you so it is important to complete the beauty profile quiz.

  • A monthly subscription costs £10 per month (plus P&P). This is a rolling subscription, but you can cancel anytime.
  • A 6 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £54 (plus P&P), which is £9 per box.
  • A 12 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £102 (plus P&P), which is £8.50 per box

Every month you will receive 5/6 items with 2/3 being full size which is great value for money.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

I always need a bit of palmers in my life. Dollibox have already shown us 2 other palmers products in previous boxes but I am totally ok with this. This SPF sunscreen has been a real requirement this month with all the gorgeous heat we have been having. So whilst protecting you from the harmful sun rays, you smell simply amazing, you keep skin moisturised and you keep those wrinkles at bay. Plus it is ‘very water resistant’ and not greasy at all. This full size product alone is £9.99!!!

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Can we just sit for a minute and admire this brush please. Literally look at it. Not only is is a mermaid tail brush but it is iridescent too and completely irresistible. I need the whole set… like who wouldn’t- look at them. The bristles are super soft too. This particular shaped brush is fab for blending and feels so lovely against your hand with all the ridges. Love love love love love! Contact Dollibox before the end of June to get 20% off the collection.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Again this is another brand we saw last month but again that’s ok. The Seacret wipes I received last month we such good quality I was intrigued to see if this would live up to its fellow products name. This hand cream is enriched with dead sea minerals which help nurture skin and enhance its healthy look. There are tonnes of different vitamins and minerals included meaning goodness all round. This is why I love using these kind of creams, you know all it is is goodness for your hands.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

If you type in the word wax into my search bar only good things will come up. I love wax melts. This one form the Wax Melt Bakery is just so mmmmm. Completely vegan and cruelty free this hand poured wax is just to die for. Glitter and smelling like the perfect bath time relaxation gives a big thumbs up from me. Their shop is available on etsy to browse through with many different scents for only £1.30!!!

Unfortunately this Lip Balm leaked everywhere so I only had the finest bit to sample but my box when I opened it smelt a little like heaven! This is a classic coconut scented lip balm that is 100% natural and cruelty free and leaves you lips soft soft soft!! Can I bathe in this please?

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beautyDollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

And lastly but by no means least.. Popfeel’s High definition concealer. This is available in 11 different shades. I was a little disappointed in this product only because the shade wasn’t entirely for me. It was a little too dark for my pale ale skin. However, the shades available offer a huge variety of coverage and I am looking forward to seeing more from Popfeel.

As a whole I really loved the box. Just when you think Dollibox can’t get any better they trumps it every time. Last months as you read was ok but could have been so much better and I am so glad they listened to us and got back on the bandwagon and sorted it out. This box is the perfect summer sun box. They literally have you covered this month!

Subscribe today at www.dollibox.co.uk .