Afternoon Teas in Kent | The Review

There is nothing to dislike about afternoon tea with family and friends. Literally nothing and I will challenge anyway that says differently. Sandwiches, cake, champagne, coffee…. seriously there is nothing better. As my addiction is… View Post

What happened when I started taking Rhubarb Complex

Recently I have heard a lot about rhubarb complex and decided I would give it a go. I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish and thought a good NATURAL detox would do me the world of… View Post

Indoor Activities in Manchester

Now that the school year is almost coming to an end, it can be hard to keep the kids excited in school and it can be even harder to entertain them at home. Whether you… View Post

The Dilemma of more Children

I always knew I wanted kids, always, and when my step son came in to my life when he was just 1 it was a very surreal and new experience for me. He was a… View Post

Staying Organised | A Busy Mums Guide

I feel like I am on the go dawn until dusk every single day. I literally have my diary with every single place I go. If it’s not in the diary, it ain’t happenin’. I… View Post

The Weekly Shop When Things Are A Bit Tight

There are very few people that every week, without fail, do their food shop and don’t have to worry about a single penny. I mean, some of us have weeks where we think ‘ah chuck… View Post

Redesigning the House | St Josephs Interiors

Time. The oxford dictionary defines it as ‘the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole’, yet the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines it as ‘the measured or… View Post

Five Programmes to Watch on Netflix Right Now

The first week of the new year saw me full of sickness and then full of cold. Needless to say the first ten days were not great. I had no energy and didn’t want to… View Post

How, in 2019, Do we still have Period Poverty?

It is 2019. In the past ten years humanity has come so far. We carry around a computer in our pockets that is around the size of our hand, we have FaceTime meaning we can… View Post

Why I am done with New Year Resolutions

Every year hundreds of thousands of people spend between Christmas and New year making lists and making promises for 2019. Millions of people invest in gym memberships, diet regimes and weight loss goals. This year… View Post