Fentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beauty

Cocktail nights are one of my favourite things to do. Exotic drinks, fancy dresses, chilling out… it is always such a good atmosphere. So, you can imagine the look on my face when Fentimans emailed asking to send another package. Hello! of course!
Fentimans have a new range of tasty syrups out to add to your drinks titled House of Broughton Finest Syrup and fine it is. There are a range of syrups to try including the two flavours I tried- Raspberry and Cucumber.
Did you see my last Cocktail night courtesy of Fentimans? It was pure bliss and I didn’t want it to end.
Fentimans was and still is a family run company. I believe today it is run by the great grandson of Mr Fentiman himself. The company continue to create drinks by the multi-stage botanical brewing technique. The processes have been updated since starting and the beverages are now carbonated before being filled and pasteurised to extend the product shelf life. Fentimans explain ‘The one thing that has not changed is the superior quality and unsurpassed taste of our drinks.’ And I don’t think I could agree more. Out of all the Fentiman drinks I have to say Rose Lemonade just gets me every time. I could drink it by the bucket load. If you haven’t tried it then firstly… why the hell not! and secondly go and buy it, there will be no turning back when it hits your lips.

Fentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beauty

There were so many different concoctions we tried. My favourite were Ginger Beer, Cucumber Syrup with a splash of Gin and the other was Soda Water, Raspberry Syrup and a dash of Prosecco. They sound disgusting but they worked so well. I feel like I should be looking down a Mixologist route.
The syrups can be used in pretty much any drink. They so work better with Fentimans branded drinks as they were designed around them, however, Raspberry Syrup in a dash of lemonade also works well or even a splash to a Virgin Sex on the Beach works wonders. Or even simply Vodka lemonade with a dash of either syrups.

What I love most about these is their versatility. You can use as much or as little as you want with any mixer you want, yet depending how much you use, the drink can turn into something quite wonderful.
We had so much fun creating all these weird and wonderful drinks and I am so excited to have another very soon. Cocktail or Mocktails – the syrups work beautifully.

All the Syrups are natural and come in 500ml bottles. I would say that you can get 25 servings out of a bottle and the recommended  serving is 20ml. All the above drinks were made with around half a shots worth of syrup, however, the more syrup used the stronger the taste. You can see all the flavours on the Fentimans website.

Remember my lovelies please drink responsibly!



Today I had the pleasure of falling 12,000ft plummeting to earth at an average of 200mph! Today I did a Tandem Skydive.

So it’s Sunday morning, the alarm goes off at 6.30am… on a Sunday… yes it is a killer and we jumped in the car 45 mins down the road to our local aerodrome. At this point I felt 100% fine and ready for the jump. A little excitement and not one ounce of fear. Whenever I set my mind to do something I make sure I complete it to the best of my ability and in the best way possible, so today, nothing was getting in my way.

De-briefed and forewarned I waiting for my slot to board the plane. This seemed to take a while although It was only an hour or two.
My name is being called on the tannoy and Im getting kitted up with harnesses, jumpsuits and re-de-breifed. All of a sudden a video is shoved in my face and they’re filming me… how do I feel… why am I doing this… so many questions.

Next thing I know I am on the plane accelerating at god knows what speed climbing up to the 12,000 mark. It takes around 15 minutes to get up in our rickety gaffe taped aircraft but before you know it I am sitting on the edge looking down at the ground. Thumbs up and we are away.
A mix between suction and gravity sends you into an endless spin of sky and ground before you level and ‘enjoy’ a 48 second free fall which feels like it’s over in 4.8 seconds.

Tandem Skydive Headcorn Tandem Skydive Headcorn

YANK! And the parachute extends, the guiding ropes are passed to me and with a quick middle finger I can say there is no chance I was being handed the steering handles, my hands were firmly staying out in front of me. My instructor laughed as I looked on in horror (little did he know I would get him back haha).

Tandem Skydive Headcorn

My instructor turned to me with a dad like grin and says, ‘So… do you come here often?’ I couldn’t even reply… jokes at 7,000 feet plummeting to earth with a bit of sheet as my safety- no… just no!
A few twists and turns and the best view I think I have ever seen. London was in the distance and a quick turn and you could see France. Another turn and you’re looking at the Isle of Sheppy and another you can see Surrey. It was stunning not a single cloud in the sky.

A few more turns and suddenly the 10,000 feet drop has caught up with me….SPEW… right over the instructors arm. (oppsy). Apparently two-thirds of people are sick but I think he was just being nice.

Tandem Skydive Headcorn Tandem Skydive Headcorn

Knees up, legs out and we are coming into land. The softest landing I could have hoped for into freshly cut long grass! 12,000ft down and we are back on home ground.

Tandem Skydive Headcorn

What an experience. I am definitely not rushing to do it again but I am so glad I did it.
Now you’re probably asking how has skydive changed my outlook on life as per the title… well.. It has made me more determined, it has made me want to try so many other things and it has made me passionate about life. Life passes us by too quick. I am 26 in 2 days and in a blink 6 years of my life has disappeared! It is time to live every day like it is my last. 50 before 30 is just the start!

All these wonderful photos and videos are courtesy of the Aerodrome. Thank you so much for making a wonderful dream come true and ticking off another of my 50 before 30! To book your skydive at Headcorn simply click here.


I seemed to be in and out of London every weekend last month but I was so busy and unfortunately couldn’t quote squeeze in a visit to see the gorgeous people over at iiaa Ltd for their Reset Your Routine VIP Event ( sad face). However, they were so very kind enough to send me everything I missed out on and it just made me more sad to have missed the event. The product selection looks amazing and I now have the pleasure of introducing them to you.

Say hello to three companies; Advanced Nutrition, Environ and Jane Iredale. These are three companies that iiaa liaise with to come up with the best products possible. If you saw my last blog about the companies you will know how much I am in love!

(Drum roll please) In our top makeup spot we have three wonderful products from Jane Iredale. A Palette, A Lipstick and an Eyeliner. Now this makeup is vastly becoming my go to for quite literally everything. I always used to have such  varied makeup back with practically every single thing from different companies. However, now, my makeup variation is becoming limited and Jane Iredale is slowly starting to take up the majority.
If I am honest I am really shocked to see a Powdered Eyeliner. I haven’t really ever heard of a powder liner but maybe that is me being naive. I found this product to be really hard to apply but that is probably me just being ‘cackhanded’ but I found it stayed on really well once applied. I will persevere with this one as I have high hopes for it.
The palette, as always, is delightful. The perfect shade for a good smokey eye that will last hours. There is nothing more to say about this palette apart from buy it!
Next off the package presents a glorious bright red lipstick. Like Taylor swift red! It is so utterly creamy and beautiful. I find the majority of Jane Iredale products to be reasonably pigmented- this included which means it lasts the majority of the day.
I’d be interested to see how their loose powder and foundations fair with pigmentation.

Environ! Oh you are a love of mine. If you saw my last iiaa post you will know that the body profile is something we have seen before.  This is a light, nourishing oil that contains vitamins A, C & E which assists and relieve sun damaged skin. This product is extremely nourishing and quite oily which means you really don’t need a lot. It is not oily in the respect it leaves your skin greasy it simply leaves your skin feeling the best it can. I don’t have hugely sun damaged skin – just a little sun blemishes on my shoulders, however, It has really helped in keeping them feeling soft and smooth with no dryness at all.
The Skin EsseentiA is a moisutriser that re-balances your skin. It also assists in nourishing and conditioning the skin, gives the skin a healthy and radiant glow and also improves the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and the appearance of sun-damaged skin. I try to alternate my time between these two products as they both work so well in their different ways.
The whole Environ range looks incredible and I am so excited for the company to grow.

I have saved the biggest product until last as I feel this one has had the most dramatic effect on my life. This is the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skincare Ultimate 28 day pod challenge. Each individual pod contains 5 tablets that help you get all the vitamins you need for full beauty. Vitamin A + D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3 + 6, Biotin  Astaxanthin, COQ10 and Pine Bark Extract. I feel my hair is thicker, my skin is radiant, my nails are stronger. I have been taking this for around 14 days now and am really really noticing the difference. If you haven’t already tried any products from ANP this is the one that is going to turn your life around! This is the one you need in your life!

A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in putting this glorious package together. There are not many times that products have left me speechless but this package did!!! Keep an eye out on my blog for my next beautiful package from iiaa.

As a cheeky little summer gift you can now get 15% off all the brands shown above at www.vitaminskincare.co.uk with my code RESET15



Blogging Consulting Services
Recently I have been asked to host lots of different training events around blogging and social media in small companies local to me. It has been such a fab experience I have decided to brand out into the consulting world and offer my services to all of you in need.
I have four different packages to choose from based on different levels depending how knowledgeable you currently are, however, if you feel none of these packages are for you please contact me for a bespoke quote.

Package 1:
The Caterpillar Package: This will consist of helping you register and sign up to Instagram, Facebook Pages and Twitter . I will explain how to use the social media sites and how they can benefit your business. You will be shown the basics of each site including how to post, hashtags (basics) and useful relating apps to help you prosper. It will also include advice on how to set up a blog. This package also includes one follow-up discussion to see how you are fairing. Price £25. Duration 1 hour.

Package 2:
The Butterfly Package: This package can proceed from The Caterpillar Package but you can also fast track to this package if you have some prior knowledge of social media. This packages assesses your current activity and notes how you can improve your interactions and following. This package also offers a website analysis that can help your website run more efficiently and rate higher on google(*). Price £45 Duration 1-2 hours.

Package 3:
The Stallion Package: This package provides all of the above including 2 follow-up sessions. The extra sessions will offer further analysis and breakdown of how your social media is faring, if your followers are contributing to your interactions and a forward plan. Price £65 Duration 3-4 hours.

General hourly rate for AOB £25 per hour.

NOTE: Sessions are offered on an online basis, however, if you prefer to have the session in person an extra cost of 40p per mile will be added to the cost.

*note results may only be seen if all analysis is used taken into account.


Candles, I think, can be a very personal thing. For me, I like warm wintery smells- the vanillas and the macadamias with a little cinnamon. It disappoints me when people only buy candles of certain brands. There are so many scents out there you couldn’t even imagine. Discovering a candle that smells like nothing you could ever dream of is a winner for me. For example, what about Lavender with a caramel hint? No I have never come across that yet- but can you even imagine it?? That’s my point, you can’t until you smell it.

I am also not a fan of a tea light or a pillar candle. I am not a plain sort of girl, I am a ‘add a bit of spice’ kind of girl. So when are saw these particular candles you can imagine the hearts in my eyes.

Fairy Candles
These candles are from a lovely seller on Etsy called Fairy Candles Shop. They have so many beautiful candles to choose from they are literally stunning. You can choose between 8 different flavours; Lemon, Vanilla, Rose, Strawberry, Ocean, Ylang-Ylang, Pine or Love scent.

They are made from paraffin wax as opposed to natural wax. Paraffin wax burns for up to 60 hours and natural wax only 5 or 6 hours ! Yes seriously! They are beautifully 100% handmade and each candle comes beautifully packaged ready to be gifted or even a little treat for yourself. I think Etsy is a wonderful places to get this sort of thing, they truly are stunning.

Fairy CandlesFairy Candles

Candles can cost a variety of money and depending on the wax used at the end of the day they are just a candle. They will burn around a similar time and in a similar way. Other than designs candles are just candles. So when people pay £30-£50 for a candle it baffles me. These stunners are around £7.30 each plus P&P. What an absolute bargain. Also because they are purchased on Etsy you are helping out and supporting a smaller company not a chain.

Thank you for sending me these beautiful candles they are just perfect.