Evelyn is 6 months old | Raising Evelyn

Evelyn is 6 months old, like whhhaaaa??? 6 months has gone ridiculously quick. I cannot understand how it has been 6 months since I screamed at the midwife this baby was coming today! I think… View Post

My Baby Birth Story | His and Hers Perspective

I have been debating whether to write about my birth story, whether to share all the details or whether to keep it just for us. I think if it had gone any differently then perhaps… View Post

The Postpartum in between weight | Why nothing in my wardrobe fits

This is the part I knew I would hate. Waking up in the morning and trying to find something in the wardrobe that fits. Every morning I still try to squeeze into my size 8… View Post

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics is one super cute brand. Every mum has heard of Sophie La Girafe teether and these products come from that very same Giraffe. I am always on the lookout for natural… View Post

First Buggy for a First Time Mum | The iCandy Peach

When having a baby I think Buggies are so hard to choose, you’ve got to get the right combo for your situation. Whether it be all-terrain, small, light weight, jogger, vintage … there are so… View Post

Supporting Evelyn | Baby Pillows

There is a lot of stigma attached to using unnecessary baby products. Mums have an opinion about them all, it is quite ridiculous really. Evelyn has begun getting a round bald patch at the back… View Post

Soothing Skin with Childs Farm |Booths New Skincare Range

Everyone is slowly beginning to hear of Childs Farm. They hit the deck last year with their ‘miracle’ baby moisturiser which claimed to be great for sensitive eczema prone skin. Booths have a new skincare range… View Post

Losing the baby weight | My Weight loss Journey

I really didn’t know whether I was going to do this post or not, I mean it’s just another one of those weight loss blog pieces that everyone will either criticise or moan at right.… View Post

The Izmi Wrap

From the very start of my pregnancy I was on the hunt for a wrap or carrier to hold my baby in when she arrived. A lot of people have an opinion against them but… View Post

Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf

It comes that dreaded time in so many new mums lives when we have to take our precious little bundle out and we have to feed in public. Im not talking bottle feeding im talking… View Post