So at the weekend I took a day trip to Broadstairs, the coastal town near Margate in Kent. This is actually very close to the village where I first lived. Not many of you know my story (maybe Ill tell it one day ) but I have lived in A LOT of houses. But this was the first one the very very first one. I love Broadstairs, the sandy beaches, the chips, the ice creams, the quaint back streets! I love re-living all the memories of my mum taking me when I was little.

You simply CANNOT go to Broadstairs without getting a Morellis. Their sorbets and simply to die for. They have some odd homemade flavours that are just pure bliss. This time saw me having their white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake flavour and Phil having the white chocolate and coffee. 

I am going to be honest this is one of my favourite things about Broadstairs. Just off from the beach towards Stone Bay there is a steep alley. If you go up this alley and turn right at the top there is a walk way to the next beach and the walls are filled with shells and beautiful stones. I remember putting my hands inside them as a child and feeling the smoothness. I cant believe they are still there some 25 years later, even if they are eroded a little.

Broadstairs is known for many things. Initially it was known for its ship building and more commonly known for its smuggling. There are still many tunnels and caves which were used by smugglers to hide their contraband which I believe you can go and see. For such a small town it has so much history. In the summer it is always so busy, you cannot park anywhere, but if you can it is the best place to be. There are some great restaurants for food and of course the ice cream and the sandy beaches offer a great place for kids to play. Or childlike adults in my case!
This weekend we walked along the shoreline and lost ourselves in… well life! We talked of our family and how soon it’ll grow and our plans for holidays and fun. Broadstairs is a calm peaceful place filled with exciting happiness. Even on a cold windy day Broadstairs always makes me feel ‘home’.

One whole year ago my blog was a fresh clean page, ready for creativity to start. March 3rd saw me finally put pen to paper and begin a whirlwind of excitement and adventure.

Initially i was going to do a ‘what i’ve learnt in my first year of blogging’ type of post, but that is just too cliche for me. Instead, i just wanted to look at what has happened in the past year and how fun it has been.
The year has seen just over 100 posts, 75 new products and a whole new book club evolve. I have blogged from 3 different countries and worked with brands i would never have dreamed of being able to work with.

I really can not believe i have been writing for a year now, there has been highs and then there has been tantrums from writers block, but I strongly believe that writing should never be forced. If you force yourself to write a post, you can see the detest in every single word. You should be able to say after every single post… I’m proud of that, and feel a sense of achievement.
I always knew I wanted to write, going through school i wanted to be a journalist. I took English and Photography A-Level in prep but something was missing- I just didn’t ‘feel’ it. It wasn’t my calling. My calling was for more, or at least something different.

Blogging was it. And here I am… a year in… and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to every single one of my viewers/ subscribers/ supporters. You mean everything!

Everyone spends January trying to get back into the swing of things, new year, new start and all that Jazz. But everyone know February is the month that we really get stuff done. The diets are out the window, the gym membership has stopped being used and you finally have your time back to do more things… like procrastinate. Just kidding. It’s time to concentrate on getting that blog back up to the standard you wanted it to be this time last year!

So here are my 28 blogging ideas for February. A blog idea for everyday.

  1. Write a post for beginners on a topic
  2. Vlog!
  3. Create a vision board
  4. “Things i have learnt from being a …”
  5. Your everyday products
  6. Beauty travel essentials
  7. An “if money was no object” wishlist
  8. Budget beauty essentials
  9. Your beauty tips and hacks
  10. You skin care routine/journey
  11. Your favourite beauty bloggers
  12. Your favourite Instagram accounts
  13. Your resources list
  14. 10 fun facts about you
  15. Giveaway
  16. Beauty trends you never really understood
  17. Your favourite beauty brand
  18. Your favourite perfumes
  19. Upcoming/ launching products
  20. Your beauty journey
  21. Beauty Do’s and Don’ts
  22. Top trending beauty tips right now
  23. This months must haves
  24. This seasons best/worst dressed
  25. Your top products you use to relax with
  26. Night time routine
  27. Cover a current beauty news issue
  28. What have you been up to post

Happy blogging!

Every year I try to come up with goals or resolutions to motivate me into action through the coming year and to inspire me when I get stuck in that procrastinating hell hole we think is wonderful. We get distracted and lose our motivation to actually carry out the goals we set. The number one way to accomplish your goals, is to stick to them.

So here are my 17 goals for 2017…

1- Eat healthier

2- Reach 500 blog subscribers

3- Save Save Save £

4- Be more organised

5- Lose weight & Get fitter

6- Reach 15,000 Followers on Instagram

7- Procrastinate less

8- Learn coding

9- Cull negative people

10- Blog/Vlog a hell of a lot more

11- Read more books (ABBBC)

12- Stress Less

13- Meal Plan

14- Practise The Law of Attraction

15- 2000 Twitter Followers

16- Re-carpet the house

17- Connect more with other bloggers

What goals do you have for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!


In the UK a Neewer Ring Light retails for around £75-£100. Sometimes it is hard to afford that sort of money at certain times. I wanted to show you how you don’t have to fork out that money. There are so many ways of doing things a lot cheaper.

So above you will see a Fluorescent tube light in the shape of the ring. This is £9.99 from amazon. It is a bright natural light lamp. At 32W and energy-saving it is perfect of these winter evenings.

Now this lamp can’t glow without power, so you’ll need this contraption.

This is a Mercury Switched Clip on lamp Holder. This is like a light bulb fitting, however, the clip makes it super easy to use anywhere. I have had this clipped to kitchen cupboard handles, a tripod, my nose (yes you heard that right- the extremes us bloggers go to ay!), the physical ceiling light shade.

This clip power lamp holder makes it super easy to get natural white light practically anywhere. Although natural light is always a winner, this product is a great alternative for those struggling with the darker nights. This is only £3.80 also from amazon.

That means you can the same results as with a Newer light for only £13.79!

So this is me using the light. See… not as glamorous as everyone maybe first thought.

Known that this lamp does get HOT! So please please remember to use it light hair straighteners! Don’t let it sit on fabric for too long and do not leave on for long periods of time.

NOTE: Please ensure that the bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage recommended for your light fitting.