Honeymoon | Udaya Residence Siem Reap Cambodia

It’s been a while since we went on Honeymoon but life has gotten In the way of everything. But I finally wanted to get round to showing and reviewing one of the places we stayed… View Post

5 Reasons Why I’d Love to See India | Travel

  My bucket list is absolutely endless with the amount of places I want to travel to. I’ve already managed to tick off quite a few and I’ll be ticking off another three this year.… View Post

Places I must visit in the world

I really am an adventurer by heart, I love exploring and finding new places. I think if I hadn’t met some of the people I have in my life I would have been a traveller.… View Post

Touring Italy- Florence | Pisa

Florence is a stunning place to visit. Unlike Rome, it doesn’t have too many ‘attractions’ to visit. By that I mean grand historical sculptures like in Rome. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of… View Post

Touring Italy- Rome

I’ve always envied people who have been to Italy. The country is meant to be beautiful and breath-taking, why wouldn’t I be envious. A country of culture, a country of art, a country of history.… View Post

Touring London With London Duck Tours

One of the things I vowed to do on my 50 before 30 list (no.48) was to ‘Be a tourist in my own town and go and check out the local history’ and last weekend I… View Post


So at the weekend I took a day trip to Broadstairs, the coastal town near Margate in Kent. This is actually very close to the village where I first lived. Not many of you know… View Post

Happy 1st Birthday!

One whole year ago my blog was a fresh clean page, ready for creativity to start. March 3rd saw me finally put pen to paper and begin a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. Initially i… View Post

28 Blog Post Ideas for February

Everyone spends January trying to get back into the swing of things, new year, new start and all that Jazz. But everyone know February is the month that we really get stuff done. The diets… View Post

17 Goals for 2017

Every year I try to come up with goals or resolutions to motivate me into action through the coming year and to inspire me when I get stuck in that procrastinating hell hole we think… View Post