Hair on…. Hair off.

I have never really paid much attention to my hair. I dyed it about a year ago and it’s still growing out. I have some weird dodgy ombre thing going on right now. However, one… View Post

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

Hair! It’s a main focus for a woman. Not necessarily styling for all but definitely in washing. I have tried many a shampoo but the build-up on formula on your hair slowly begins to weigh… View Post

Hey Honey?

So I’ve recently been looking for some unique home ware items to add to my lounge. I’ve searched and searched for random bits and bobs everywhere. I have tried the cute boutiques of Camden, the… View Post

Glossybox June 2016 FULL SPOILERS

Glossybox is a Beauty Box subscription service that i have been trialling for around 3 months. Each month you receive a box of 5 products- some full size, some sample size. The price varies depending… View Post

Body What?

Everyone, absolutely everyone (in the UK at least) has heard of The Body Shop. It was one of the first international cosmetics companies to introduce fair trade to the cosmetics and toiletries industry in 1987!… View Post

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I have been on the hunt for a Liquid Matte Lipstick for a few months now and have tried around 7 different brands only to find they wear quickly or rub off easily. After being… View Post

Hair growth products- Farce or fave?

Hair care products have always been a farce for me. I never feel they do exactly what they say without a negative side effect. I once purchased a product that was meant to dazzle shine… View Post

Mucky Pup!

I am a huge fan of face/skin masks! I have always suffered from combination skin so finding a product that does not dry my skin out of make it greasy is really difficult! I have… View Post

The Eye of the Tiger!

Serum! It’s not just the older generation that should use it! The health benefits have been proven time and time again! Prevention is key when you are dealing with dry skin and wrinkles! If you… View Post

My Spring skincare routine

Everyone knows spring is that awkward skin care time, some days are warm and you’ve caked on the winter makeup, some days still need a jumper and you’ve put on the thinnest layer of foundation… View Post