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Evelyn’s First Christmas | Raising Evelyn

I’d been looking forward to Evelyn’s first Christmas for so long. Her cousin was born 6 months after her so to have the two of them together on the 25th was going to be so extra special. Christmas is a mix of rushing round to see all the families. It seems that we have Thomas for Christmas Day one year and Boxing Day the next. So this year, as it was our turn for Boxing Day, we spent the 25th with my family. I love Christmas so incredibly much. It is my most favourite time of  ...

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2018| What a Bloody Year!

As 2019 starts I have found myself assessing how much life has changed in the past 12 months. 2018 has been a very dramatic year in the Ritson household and quite frankly I am super glad to see the back of it. For me, 2018 started heavily pregnant with a tonne of aches and pains but swimming on the high of a new gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring on my finger. I was a whirlwind of mixed emotion yet emotionally so ready for the year ahead. Evelyn arrived on her due date of 19th  ...

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2017, The Year of change. Looking back

2017 what a year! I wanted to look back over the past year rather than a look forward to 2018. 2018 holds a lot of uncertainty for me but that’s good. We have no idea really when this baby will arrive, we may or may not go on holiday, we are probably getting married.. there is so much up in the air that I could so easily stress about that I just want to look back and appreciate right now. 2017 – right where to do I start. I guess I want to start with one thing I did not expect.  ...

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