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Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat

I’ve been reasonably quiet on social media the past few weeks. I’ve had a hectic schedule at home but with so much also going on in the social media blogging world I just have no desire to be part of it. People are moaning and whining about other bloggers and companies and what they may and may not be doing, filters are getting pushed to the max and engagement is at an all time low thanks to algorithms and people wanting something for nothing. A lot of people are hiding behind a  ...

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Why I am done with New Year Resolutions

Every year hundreds of thousands of people spend between Christmas and New year making lists and making promises for 2019. Millions of people invest in gym memberships, diet regimes and weight loss goals. This year I have decided to not do any resolutions. I do not promise to lose weight. I do not promise to be a better person. I do not promise to do this that and the other. However, there are certain things I want to get done, whether you want to class that as a resolution that is up to  ...

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2018| What a Bloody Year!

As 2019 starts I have found myself assessing how much life has changed in the past 12 months. 2018 has been a very dramatic year in the Ritson household and quite frankly I am super glad to see the back of it. For me, 2018 started heavily pregnant with a tonne of aches and pains but swimming on the high of a new gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring on my finger. I was a whirlwind of mixed emotion yet emotionally so ready for the year ahead. Evelyn arrived on her due date of 19th  ...

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