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The Postpartum in between weight | Why nothing in my wardrobe fits

This is the part I knew I would hate. Waking up in the morning and trying to find something in the wardrobe that fits. Every morning I still try to squeeze into my size 8 jeans in the hope that over night somehow I have lost a stone (lol)! I have already lost 3 stone since giving birth and I have a little less than one left to lose and Evelyn is not even 5 months yet. I think I am doing quite well but that last stone is a killer to shift. I see now why they call it stones! Can we just stop  ...

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Losing the baby weight | My Weight loss Journey

I really didn’t know whether I was going to do this post or not, I mean it’s just another one of those weight loss blog pieces that everyone will either criticise or moan at right. Well tbh I don’t care. By writing this blog piece I am being open and honest and hopefully I’ll end up helping someone or inspiring someone but most of all I’ll be more likely to achieve my own goals. So with Evelyn I put on so much weight. 4 and a half stone to be exact. Most of it  ...

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