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Why August saw me have a staycation

August saw me stay very much in kent this year. This is the first in many many years that I have done this. A Staycation isn’t all that bad, especially when bank holiday weekend is 28c! I stayed in my sunny corner of the UK for many reasons but mainly because travelling in august is so expensive. Last year we flew to crete in august. Flights were £1400 for the three of us, yet, the previous year we flew to Crete in October for £60 return each! It blows my mind how travel companies are  ...

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So at the weekend I took a day trip to Broadstairs, the coastal town near Margate in Kent. This is actually very close to the village where I first lived. Not many of you know my story (maybe Ill tell it one day ) but I have lived in A LOT of houses. But this was the first one the very very first one. I love Broadstairs, the sandy beaches, the chips, the ice creams, the quaint back streets! I love re-living all the memories of my mum taking me when I was little. You simply CANNOT go to  ...

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