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17 Goals for 2017

Every year I try to come up with goals or resolutions to motivate me into action through the coming year and to inspire me when I get stuck in that procrastinating hell hole we think is wonderful. We get distracted and lose our motivation to actually carry out the goals we set. The number one way to accomplish your goals, is to stick to them. So here are my 17 goals for 2017… 1- Eat healthier 2- Reach 500 blog subscribers 3- Save Save Save £ 4- Be more organised 5- Lose weight &  ...

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2017 Beauty Resolutions

New year, new you? There’s no better time than January to commit to a beauty overhaul. You know why I like beauty resolutions? Because they’re fun! Fun resolutions are way easier to keep as opposed to vowing to work out or reading 10 books a month for the next year. I guess it is easier to stick to fewer resolutions (statistically) so here are my 6. So, you had five too many glasses of  Champagne on New Year’s Eve, and you’ve fallen asleep face down on your pillow… yet again. You wake  ...

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