Mucky Pup!

I am a huge fan of face/skin masks! I have always suffered from combination skin so finding a product that does not dry my skin out of make it greasy is really difficult! I have… View Post

The Eye of the Tiger!

Serum! It’s not just the older generation that should use it! The health benefits have been proven time and time again! Prevention is key when you are dealing with dry skin and wrinkles! If you… View Post

My Spring skincare routine

Everyone knows spring is that awkward skin care time, some days are warm and you’ve caked on the winter makeup, some days still need a jumper and you’ve put on the thinnest layer of foundation… View Post

Feel good makeup products for Spring

I always find that with winter i wear a thicker foundation, a heavier lipstick and a cake load of concealer. I don’t know whether i’m just trying to add an extra layer of warmth or… View Post

MLM Companies

What is MLM? Well in short it means multi level marketing! It is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of… View Post

Are you a Fake Tan Fanatic?

Fake tan is amazing…let’s face it, you can achieve almost any depth of tan all year round regardless of your natural colour…you don’t have the risk of skin cancer or premature ageing and the choice… View Post

What’s your purpose?

I believe that everyone’s end goal in life is the same — “ to find happiness” or “to be happy”. In order to feel more fulfilled and find the path to happiness, we follow our passionsand purpose.… View Post

Pain is Beauty

You’re in labour, contractions are coming on strong, your due to start pushing- what’s the first thought that comes into your head? Maybe it’s, will it be a boy or girl? Or, this better be… View Post


Who’s heard of Birchbox? Wikipedia describes it as; Birchbox is a New York City-based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty… View Post

The cilium effect

In Biology the common ‘eyelash’ is also known as The Cilium. The Cilium is a short microscopic hair-like vibrating structure found in large numbers on the surface of certain cells, either causing currents in the… View Post