Justification in the Blogging Industry

The 19th February 2017 was a blogging milestone for me. The week leading up to it L’Oreal launched their stunning Beauty and the Beast inspired lipstick range and I was willing to do anything in… View Post

ABBBC January

Welcome back to the ABB Book Club (ABBBC). December was such a busy month we decided to have one book for December and January. That book was We Were Liars by E Lockhart. Being heavily pregnant… View Post

A week in the life – Blogging & Full time work

Speaking out about blogging and working full time is one thing I do not shy away from. People often pile on the work thinking I do not have a life or I take far too… View Post

Introducing My Blogging Consulting Services

Recently I have been asked to host lots of different training events around blogging and social media in small companies local to me. It has been such a fab experience I have decided to brand… View Post

Blogging and Internet Jargon Decoded

This time last year I had been blogging for just a few months and all these blogging terms and internet words were totally confusing me and making me think like WTF am I going to… View Post

Instagram | Just A Note

Instagram… The art of being hideous yet wonderful. Instagram is something most of us have a severe love-hate relationship with. We love it and hate it for so many reasons – all of us do. For the… View Post

28 Blog Post Ideas for February

Everyone spends January trying to get back into the swing of things, new year, new start and all that Jazz. But everyone know February is the month that we really get stuff done. The diets… View Post