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The Dilemma of more Children

I always knew I wanted kids, always, and when my step son came in to my life when he was just 1 it was a very surreal and new experience for me. He was a wonderful little boy and it gave me a chance to realise the fun side of ‘step-motherhood’ without all the physical pain that went with it. Fast forward 7 years and he has just turned 8! It has gone so incredibly quick. Now we also have a 1 year old too and it is like I can never remember the pain that I went through. Everyone  ...

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Preventing Pregnancy with an App? Really?

As I am sat here on this chilly autumn night I came across something which actually quite shocked me. Firstly I think women can drive themselves a bit potty with pregnancy tests, apps, how to’s, what to’s and the ever-growing abyss of the internet when trying to conceive. For us it was more keeping track of what was happening to my body when. One app I absolutely swore by was one called P.D. It asks you how you’re feeling on certain days, you track your period etc and it  ...

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Why August saw me have a staycation

August saw me stay very much in kent this year. This is the first in many many years that I have done this. A Staycation isn’t all that bad, especially when bank holiday weekend is 28c! I stayed in my sunny corner of the UK for many reasons but mainly because travelling in august is so expensive. Last year we flew to crete in august. Flights were £1400 for the three of us, yet, the previous year we flew to Crete in October for £60 return each! It blows my mind how travel companies are  ...

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And then there were four

I think this is one of the best posts I have ever written. Today’s lovely post comes to you in the form of Baby Ritson due early 2018. Phil, Tommy and I are so very happy and excited to have a beautiful baby on the way. You might be wondering how the bump seemingly appeared overnight. For a short time, hiding it in photos was relatively easy, baggy clothing, leaning forward slightly or to the side at the right angles. But over the past six weeks or so, I’ve definitely been showing and  ...

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