Becoming a Vegan | A Meatless Me

Can we start just by clarifying that I am trying to turn Vegan currently. I know it is hard for current meat eaters but this post is there to help both me and you, so… View Post

100 Day Reset

I seemed to be in and out of London every weekend last month but I was so busy and unfortunately couldn’t quote squeeze in a visit to see the gorgeous people over at iiaa Ltd… View Post

Soul Healing 

We all know that sometimes life can really grind you down. There are times when the littlest of things can set you off. Whether it be tears, a bad day, a bad week, an ‘episode’…… View Post

Mini V, Mini Me! Mini V Nutrition eat your heart out!

Mini V Nutrition has been designed and developed by Vicky Pattison from MTV’s Geordie Shore. Vicky is also known for her  incredible weight loss and successful fitness DVD. Her next step was to design and develop her… View Post