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October’s To Do List

I haven’t written a to-do list in a hella long time. October is such a busy month for me at work and at home and this year.. it is even busier. Fresh Autumn air, jumpers and conkers are just a few of my favourite October things and it always manages to put a smile on my face. I love the cooler mornings and darker evenings. When I have to leave early some mornings and I feel the cooler air on my cheeks I always smile- like seriously smile. It gets me excited for the days ahead and  ...

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Mental Health Awareness | How I obliterated my SAD

English winters are not hugely cold or warm they are mainly dreary and grey with a toss of English moaning about the weather whipped in. This is where I think Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, has developed in mankind. Having nothing to look forward to and dreary day after dreary day can certainly have an impact on someone. As a teenager I know it did for me. I mean, What did I have to look forward to? Exams, revision , holiday homework, walks to the bus stop in the cold? Everyone needs  ...

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Introducing My Blogging Consulting Services

Recently I have been asked to host lots of different training events around blogging and social media in small companies local to me. It has been such a fab experience I have decided to brand out into the consulting world and offer my services to all of you in need. I have four different packages to choose from based on different levels depending how knowledgeable you currently are, however, if you feel none of these packages are for you please contact me for a bespoke quote. Package 1: The  ...

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Hair growth products- Farce or fave?

Hair care products have always been a farce for me. I never feel they do exactly what they say without a negative side effect. I once purchased a product that was meant to dazzle shine your hair. Needless to say it did shine my hair but only because the light bounced off the grease. So when, at the age of 24, my hair line started to recede, just like my fathers and his father before him, I was devastated. I found many products that claimed to promote hair growth but none actually seemed to  ...

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