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Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat

I’ve been reasonably quiet on social media the past few weeks. I’ve had a hectic schedule at home but with so much also going on in the social media blogging world I just have no desire to be part of it. People are moaning and whining about other bloggers and companies and what they may and may not be doing, filters are getting pushed to the max and engagement is at an all time low thanks to algorithms and people wanting something for nothing. A lot of people are hiding behind a  ...

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Introducing My Blogging Consulting Services

Recently I have been asked to host lots of different training events around blogging and social media in small companies local to me. It has been such a fab experience I have decided to brand out into the consulting world and offer my services to all of you in need. I have four different packages to choose from based on different levels depending how knowledgeable you currently are, however, if you feel none of these packages are for you please contact me for a bespoke quote. Package 1: The  ...

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Instagram | Just A Note

Instagram… The art of being hideous yet wonderful. Instagram is something most of us have a severe love-hate relationship with. We love it and hate it for so many reasons – all of us do. For the past year or so I have found a strong love for the social media app, although recently that is hanging in the balance but that is for another post. Interior design ideas, fashion tips, best places to eat… you name it, it is there. Social Media is a wonderful thing if used  ...

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How to achieve the perfect flat lay

Perfectly folded clothes, impeccable flowers and the  unused candle- sounds like your typical Instagram post doesn’t it? Flat lays are a fairly new thing in blogging, since the rise in Instagram usage. Basically, it is where you arrange items in a particular way and then take a photo of it from overhead in a good light. This year (2016) has been the year of definition with regard to flat lays. In the past year people have been more and more hooked on getting this simple thing so  ...

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