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Why I don’t Babble Back | Mum Life

Countless mum’s babble away to they baby when they first start making noises. It’s only natural. Then the babbling really kicks off and there is no way in hell’s chance you know what they’re saying but you make the noise back anyway and before you know it you’re engaged in a incoherent conversation with a one year old. But that’s not me. Slightly unorthodox maybe and baffling to some, but this is us. We decide very early on with Evelyn that we  ...

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I Just Want To Write

Writing has always been an outlet for me. When I was a child/young teen I was forever writing stories or starting new diaries. Every year it started so well with such good intentions. I’d steadily keep up my entries for about 2 months or so, on and off for 4 or 5 months, but I would start to forget or life or school would get in the way. But then I had a very different upbringing to most, but that’s for another time. I remember January 1st always started like; ‘It’s  ...

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