Look Fantastic | June 2018 Special Edition Box

As far as Limited Edition boxes go Look Fantastic wear the crown for it every time. This is The Blue Edition and it is their second Limited Edition box of the year. I was wondering… View Post

Look Fantastic | March 2018

March has come in with a bang… and a little sleep deprived, but Look Fantastic has come to brighten my day. March’s theme is ‘Beauty Empowered’ which is perfectly fitting as 8th March was International… View Post

Look Fantastic | December 2017

Subscription boxes in December always having me hanging on with excitement until they arrive. December is always a box spectacular and the companies all always goes into this particular box. To some extent it is… View Post

Look Fantastic | November 2017

Ready Set Glam! That’s what November is all about, the lead up to party month! This month it is also the theme of the November Look Fantastic Box. This month the box is worth over… View Post

Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review | October 2017

Look Fantastic is a company that I have been eyeing up for a good while now but never taken the plunge into their subscription boxes. I decided this month was the month. Having seen a… View Post