March Makeup Revolution Haul

  You all know my love of Makeup Revolutions so I won’t bang on about the company and how great they are- you already know. The reason for this post is I want to show… View Post

It’s a Revolution or maybe a Revelation? Makeup Revolution Haul!

Makeup Revolution are a global company that develops and manufactures brands for the cosmetics, skincare and haircare industry. The aim -to deliver exciting high quality products at affordable prices, with worldwide availability. Plus a massive extra… View Post

Getcha’ Brow in the Game!

Brows! We left them natural in the 70s, we bushed them out in the 80s, we plucked and waxed them to within an inch of their lives in the 90s, Wirey brows hit us in… View Post

Makeup Obsession

Once in a while a company crops up that i get very excited about and steals the show. So you can imagine my expression when my inbox pinged with a message from Mr Makeup himself,… View Post