Evelyn is 6 months old | Raising Evelyn

Evelyn is 6 months old, like whhhaaaa??? 6 months has gone ridiculously quick. I cannot understand how it has been 6 months since I screamed at the midwife this baby was coming today! I think… View Post

First Buggy for a First Time Mum | The iCandy Peach

When having a baby I think Buggies are so hard to choose, you’ve got to get the right combo for your situation. Whether it be all-terrain, small, light weight, jogger, vintage … there are so… View Post

Breastfeeding with Mama Designs MamaScarf

It comes that dreaded time in so many new mums lives when we have to take our precious little bundle out and we have to feed in public. Im not talking bottle feeding im talking… View Post

Motherhood | The first chapters of life

Motherhood. No one can prepare you for it. No matter how many websites you read or how much advice you are given you can only be told about experience. Each baby is unique and only… View Post

Keeping Evelyn Warm | Love To Dream Swaddle Up

The weather has been pretty frightful recently especially the week after Evelyn was born. We daren’t take her out in the thick snow so we stayed inside wrapped up. With a new born, rooms are… View Post

Sleepyhead Pods | Are They Worth The Hype

I want to start off by saying something outright…. I hate Moses baskets! They are big, bulky, ugly …. there is not one thing about them I like! However don’t judge me just yet! I… View Post

Update: 34-38 Weeks

Something to tell you… I have been so sensitive the last few days. There hasn’t been tears so to speak but very emotional conversations with Phil and lots of deep thinking. Life is about to… View Post

25-33 Week Update

33 weeks, I can’t believe It’s here already. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by and now I’ve hit the final seven weeks. I am so excited. Although the third trimester has bought heart burn and… View Post

Why people are making me cry these days!

Why ARE people making me cry these days?! Yes ok pregnancy hormones are kicking in (you can follow my pregnancy journey here) but I have recently been seeing people in a different light. By that… View Post

Bump update Week 16| Journey into my 2nd Trimester

They say week 14 onwards things start getting easier, thankfully, I have spent the past 14 weeks feeling great allbeit tired. I am so lucky to have not one moment of morning sickness and for… View Post