My 20lb 20 Month old

Paeditrican appointments always start with height and weight being taken. Evelyn was weighed very recently at 9.05kg which equates to pretty much 20lbs. We also bought her first pair of shoes recently at a size… View Post

Why I don’t Babble Back | Mum Life

Countless mum’s babble away to they baby when they first start making noises. It’s only natural. Then the babbling really kicks off and there is no way in hell’s chance you know what they’re saying… View Post

Staying Organised | A Busy Mums Guide

I feel like I am on the go dawn until dusk every single day. I literally have my diary with every single place I go. If it’s not in the diary, it ain’t happenin’. I… View Post

6 Things you have to Learn to Deal With as a Mum That WILL Gross You Out| Raising Evelyn

There are many many things we say and hope we never have to deal as an adult. In reality you are going to be doing probably all those things if you want to be or… View Post

What defines a ‘Good Mum’? | Raising Evelyn

What defines you as being a ‘Good Mum’? Is it the healthy diet? or the endless gifts? or what about the attendance to every single school play? or the time you spend with your children?… View Post

We Started Weaning Vol. 2 | Raising Evelyn

I wanted to write a follow up / Volume 2 of Evelyn’s weaning stories. 3/4 months ago we were weaning Evelyn and getting ourselves into a right old pickle! Evelyn is 9 months, I can’t… View Post

The Internal Struggle Of Being A Mum | Raising Evelyn

Am I good enough? and Am I doing it right? The two questions every mum asks themselves! There seems to be very limited help for first time mums in the U.K. After your 6… View Post

9 Months in | 9 Months out

9 Whole Months!! Like W.T.F! 9 Months in… 9 Months out Evelyn is 9 months old today… that’s a whole pregnancy! Or 4.5″ of hair growth, or the time it takes to read Harry Potter… View Post

Top 5 Useful Baby Products | Raising Evelyn

Some baby products are so bloody expensive! It is sods law you fork out for something to find there was a much easier cheaper way of doing things. So I wanted to write a totally… View Post

We Started Weaning | Raising Evelyn

No one tells you ‘Today is the day to start weaning!’ No one says ‘Hey it is going to be a long hard slog!’ or “The is going to be super easy!’ No body says… View Post