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When a Photo has you wishing for more

When I did my A-level photography one thing I wish I had done more of was under water photography. Unfortunately, living in England, the water is so murky it makes it pretty hard to get any shots at all. I have been looking at a brand new waterproof camera, the Panasonic Lumix Tough Camera DC-FT7 and it’s got me digging out the old photos from the archives and wondering how I used to take photo’s with a compact camera. It reminded me that a DSLR isn’t always the best for  ...

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How to achieve the perfect flat lay

Perfectly folded clothes, impeccable flowers and the  unused candle- sounds like your typical Instagram post doesn’t it? Flat lays are a fairly new thing in blogging, since the rise in Instagram usage. Basically, it is where you arrange items in a particular way and then take a photo of it from overhead in a good light. This year (2016) has been the year of definition with regard to flat lays. In the past year people have been more and more hooked on getting this simple thing so  ...

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