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Why I am done with New Year Resolutions

Every year hundreds of thousands of people spend between Christmas and New year making lists and making promises for 2019. Millions of people invest in gym memberships, diet regimes and weight loss goals. This year I have decided to not do any resolutions. I do not promise to lose weight. I do not promise to be a better person. I do not promise to do this that and the other. However, there are certain things I want to get done, whether you want to class that as a resolution that is up to  ...

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2017, The Year of change. Looking back

2017 what a year! I wanted to look back over the past year rather than a look forward to 2018. 2018 holds a lot of uncertainty for me but that’s good. We have no idea really when this baby will arrive, we may or may not go on holiday, we are probably getting married.. there is so much up in the air that I could so easily stress about that I just want to look back and appreciate right now. 2017 – right where to do I start. I guess I want to start with one thing I did not expect.  ...

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